Pie Corps: Sweet or Savory, Every Bite's Genius

April 05, 2013

- Posted by Richard Fertig


Featuring handmade sweet and savory options for any occasion (or time of day), Brooklyn's Pie Corps goes out-of-the-box with their pie interpretations, offering up everything from pot pies and breakfast pies to genius sweet pies (Chocolate Bourbon Pecan, S'mores and Apple Cobbler with Rosemary Caramel & Salt -- wow!) and, the crown jewel of guiltless pie-appreciation, Pielettes. Sure to be a Spring and Summer staple for locals and visitors alike, these two-bite lovelies are sold by the dozen, and make for a super-satisfying on-the-go delight. Fans of the versatile, crust-based cuisine should flock to the shop when visiting the city's most tasty borough. (If you're already local, we'll see you there!)



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