The Complete Tailgating and Transportation Guide for New York Giants Games

October 28, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek


Are you ready for some football?  Yes, folks, recent controversies notwithstanding, the NFL season is in full swing again and many diehard fans are already making plans to see their favorite teams and some exciting matches at their local NFL stadium. For many New York NFL fans, that means the Giants, and many local football fans would agree that they still have the edge over the Jets.

The Giants can be seen in action at Metlife Stadium at the Meadowlands and once you have purchased your tickets, you may start thinking about the best way to get there on game day, especially if you’re arranging a small group of people to go with you. Sure, you could always drive, and in NY, there’s always the subway, but hiring a ride to the stadium makes more sense if you are going in a group.

Chauffeured Transportation to NY Giants Stadium

It’s just easier than coordinating a caravan of our friends over there, and if you’re interested in doing it luxury style, why not get chauffeured transportation? And before you suggest Uber, let me tell it you it’s bit more complicated when you have 20 people who want go!

Limousine service will always be a luxury, but the times and occasions when frequent users book these services are increasing all the time. Many high end clients will use a limousine service to get to the game and when you’re traveling in a small group, one of the best ways to get there is to book a luxury van for your party.

Brilliant Transportation is high end executive transportation company in New York City that would be perfect for this job. We have a fleet of custom converted luxury vans, using the Mercedes Benz Sprinter lineup that is the ultimate in luxury travel and a great way to entertain business associates or friends when taking a small group to the game.

Many companies and corporate sponsors chose us for their  Super Bowl transportation last year when the game was in New Jersey and everyone reported that they had a fantastic time, not just at the game, but getting to the game  in style. And we can just as well provide luxury transportation during regular season games to you and your family, or your business associates if you have a corporate account.

If you decide to take the chauffeured route, first you’ll have to decide how many people you are taking and what your exact expectations for the trip are. The number of passenger and the style you are accustomed to will determine specifically which vehicle works best for you.

Mercedes Sprinter Van Are Ideal for Small Group Transportation

I mentioned that Brilliant is a Sprinter specialist and we have several different kinds. If you have small group of up to 14 people, then your choice is clear. We offer the standard Sprinter minibus van, a 14 passenger vehicle (the driver makes 15) and this van is a great small group transporter.

The Sprinter line is recognized worldwide for its quality and class leading features in the van segment. The tall vans provide excellent mobility and room inside the cabin with its tall roof and over 6’3” headroom clearance. The large side sliding door and optional running board make it a breeze to get on and off, and its easy to switch seats inside with all of the extra room you have.

Although the Mercedes brand always speaks luxury, the interior is fairly standard in the 14 with comfortable cloth bench seating and this vehicle works great for the widest range of clients.

If you’re group is smaller than 10 however, and you’re really interested in playing up the luxury angle, then I’d suggest going with one of our luxury vans.

Our Luxury Vans Are Top Notch

Our flagship product, the Brilliant Van, is a custom converted Sprinter that seats 7 in the rear cabin.  Many of our clients refer to these vehicles as our ‘jet van’ because the interior is similar to that of a luxury corporate jet. Although many limo vehicles sport a  black interior,  our color scheme inside is a tasteful beige color which many clients really love. It puts them at ease they say.

You’ll notice upon boarding the van that there are four large leather bound captains chairs which face other, great for conversations! There is also a comfortable rear bench that can seat 3 adults or fold down into a daybed. All upholstery is high quality leather and there are soft surfaces and lovely wood veneers throughout the cabin. In fact, beautiful blond wood floor is a highlight. Each seat also comes with foldaway desk and reading lights and electric outlets for your devices.

Our entertainment features in the van can’t be beat either. You’ll enjoy two large flat screen TVs (fore and aft) that come with 158 channels of DirecTV, or a DVD of your choice, or you can even plug in your computer and watch your own  presentation. Other standard equipment includes Sirius satellite radio, a fantastic sound system to 10 speakers, a Sony Playstation 3, and crucially, on-board WiFi so you never have to stay unconnected.

Our 9 passenger luxury Executive Van shares the same equipment list and interior styling to our Brilliant Van, but with an all captains chairs line up of seats in a tradition airplane seating configuration (two rows on the sides.)

We’ll Help Make Your Tailgate Extraordinary

Any of the Sprinter choices would make an excellent vehicle companion for your Giants tailgate party. You could use the interior of the vehicles to enjoy your repast, while watching the pre-game on our satellite TV or enjoy some of your favorite music. Or you could set up right outside as well.

Brilliant Transportation really focuses on customer satisfaction so we’re one of the only limo companies that can offer you on-board catering. We can provide food platters, sandwiches, drinks and alcoholic beverages upon request with a separate charge. We require advance notice for these special requests.

Luxury Minibuses Are The Answer For Larger Groups

For groups larger than what the 14 passenger vans can handle, we can also offer you minibus transportation with a luxury twist as well. Minibuses are great for medium sized groups and traditionally handle anywhere from 20–40 passengers at a time.

Brilliant’s minibuses come in two different sizes, the 28 passenger bus and the 36 passenger bus. Although built on different chassis with different cabs, both types of minibuses are built by the same coachbuilder and feature the same interior/exterior styling and have the same equipment. The one unique feature on the bigger bus is the inclusion of a on-board lavatory, which is great for long road trips.

Our Buses Have Outstanding Interiors and Entertainment Features

Our minibuses are a definite cut above your standard minibus coaches. Designed with a luxury and high end clientele in mind, riding in one of these vehicles will comfort and delight your group. We offer all  captains chair seating in black leather for an extremely comfortable and luxurious ride.

There is also individual reading lights and outlets on every row so your guests can read or plug their devices in for the trip. There is quality materials used throughout the coach, such as a beautiful hardwood floor, which is quite unusual for a minibus!

Our buses are not lacking in entertainment options either, with a high powered sound system, PA system and a large screen TV upfront  connected to a DVD player to use with a video of your choice. There are also additional drop down LCD screens placed throughout the cabin so that everyone has a clear view of the visual entertainment.

The exteriors feature a high gloss, metallic grey paint job that looks wonderful in different lighting conditions and looks very swanky wherever it goes. And extra suspension has been added to our buses as well to make the ride extra smooth, uncommonly so for such a large bus like vehicle.

Our Quality Service Is Head and Shoulders Above the Competition

But besides the fantastic buses you could be riding in, the real highlight is the outstanding customer service and overall experience you will receive while travelling with us. We know that luxury transportation is a choice as well your selection of a vendor, so we strive to provide four star service with every single trip.

The experience of having a large luxury bus take your ethusiastic group is one thing, everyone is sure to have great time. But add in our friendly staff members, our meticulously cleaned and polished vehicles, the attention to details, and the flawless experience, and you’ll feel like you’re on cloud nine!

You may even have a hard time leaving your seat to get your hard seat in the stadium.  Of course, you may well have your own luxury box reserved, but then traveling in our luxury bus will be entirely appropriate and a great addition to the day!

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