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    Private Celebrity Transportation Service

    Private Chauffeur Service for Celebrities in Los Angeles and New York

A-List Celebrity Transportation

Providing Premium Private Transportation Experiences

When celebrities travel they expect the best solution for their unique, specific needs like utmost privacy, security, and especially efficiency.

At Brilliant, we manage celebrities' transportation with complex and ever-changing schedules that change at a moments notice. When they and their staff look for a transportation company to handle their travel needs, they need to work with a company that can handle all of these needs simultaneously and without difficulty.

Brilliant has a strong record of working with celebrity clients and other VIPs, many of whom refer their colleagues to us for future work. Occasionally, we do have stars who are willing to provide a picture or a quote, but for the most part, A-listers are interested in maintaining their privacy.

Brilliant works overtime to distinguish ourselves with our concierge-level customer service, excellence in logistical planning, and our premium customized Mercedes Sprinter fleet. No special request or last minute change is too outrageous to accommodate, and every action we take as a business is done with our client's ultimate satisfaction in mind.

Brilliant and the Art of Celebrity Transportation