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Biz Bash Brilliant Transportation
Biz bash Brilliant Transportation

8 Tips for Transporting Guests to and From Events


When this year's Golden Globe awards ceremony ended, it was only the beginning of a long night for some would-be after-party guests in Los Angeles. Guests instructed to arrive at an off-site parking garage location and be transported to the Beverly Hilton on shuttles encountered an hours-long backup that infuriated V.I.P.s and dashed plans for the evening—and made for big news across the country. Richard Fetig gives advice on how the situation could've been avoided.


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The Questions This Founder Asked Before Launching His Luxury Van Startup


As part of this process, asked himself a series of questions, creating a framework for the type of industry he’d join and how he could protect his family’s financial security.  

In this quick video, learn more about his thought process and let it guide your own brainstorming sessions.


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Strategies That Help This Transportation Startup Stay Distinct


Apps such as Uber and Lyft may have disrupted transportation by offering on-demand rides at competitive prices. But the trend has paved the way for new opportunities, says Richard Fertig, founder of Brilliant Transportation.

“As people move toward the less expensive, less premium services,” says Fertig, “it also creates another void that we’re filling on the high end.”


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4 Ways to Make Your Event Stand Out With Flawless Transportation


In the flood of details event planners have to deal with during events, one aspect often gets left unattended: transportation. When guests need to get from one place to another, there’s a huge opportunity to make a positive impression, but an even bigger risk of making a negative one. Guests should never be distracted by transportation, or, worse, delayed and uncomfortable.


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4 Ways to Meet the Event Transportation Challenge


Transportation is the attendee’s first and last impression of your event. A bad beginning sets a negative tone for everything that follows, and a bad exit overshadows an otherwise positive experience. To make your event successful, you must nail the same quality and aesthetic in your transportation as you do in the event itself.


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Richard Fertig - Founder of Brilliant Transportation


Founder and President of Brilliant Transportation, Richard Fertig set out to redefine the ground transportation industry with passion and purpose. Not merely an idea, his concept of Private Motoring® grew from personal, firsthand experiences that outlined for him the absolute need for a revolutionary shift in what travelers should expect from their luxury travel.


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Meet the Mercedes-Benz Metris Luxury Van


Fast Company takes Richard Fertig from Brilliant, on a tour of the Metris Luxury Van as part of the Drive Your Business Forward contest.


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A Former Hedge Fund Manager Created A Service to Compete With Private Jets


Richard Fertig managed a portfolio of hedge fund investments worth $4 billion until he lost his job in January 2009. 

Looking back at his life and travels as a hedge fund manager, Fertig realized that many of his best experiences were dampened by low-quality ground transportation. At the same time, he believed others who still worked in his former occupation experienced those same inconveniences. So Fertig, a Wharton graduate,abandoned the finance industry and established Brilliant Transportation


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ET Investigates Tracy Morgan's Horrific Car Crash


Following the car crash that left Tracy Morgan in critical condition, ET's Rocsi Diaz is on the ground looking into the accident and how it could have been worse. Rocsi spoke to Richard Fertig, president and founder of Brilliant, who deals with vehicles that are similar to the one that Tracy was in at the time of the crash. Richard explained that the accident could have had an even darker turnout.


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