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Luxury tours of the vineyards of Santa Barbara and Long Island.

Imagine taking in a leisurely tour of the beautiful Wine Country of Southern California or Upstate New York and Long Island; all from the comfort of your own chauffeured Mercedes Benz luxury van. You sit back ensconced in your cream colored leather clad captains chair, perhaps listening to your favorite tunes on the satellite radio, or engaged in pleasant conversation with your traveling companions.

The day ahead of you is entirely determined by your wishes. You can visit some of the most interesting wineries on the route, carefully selected by your appreciation for your favorite grape varietal, or perhaps you’d rather have the chauffeur give you a first look at new territory, allowing you the pleasure of serendipitous discovery! Either way, you know you’re in for a great day.

While many others will choose to drive themselves around in a self-guided tour of the Wine Country, or perhaps go with a local tour group, you instead have chosen a more elevated path, as you and your group enjoy the comforts of our incredible custom converted Sprinter vans. While others will have to contend with someone else’s schedule and other tourists on a public tour group, you can instead enjoy exclusivity and privacy in the back of your 7 passenger luxury van, making stops when and wherever you want and taking as much or as little time as you need for your exclusive, private tour.

Our reservation staff and chauffeur will take care of the details and book any reservations as needed, so you can simply sit back and enjoy the day. Additionally you’ll appreciate our door to door service; no need to drive anywhere before you start your extended wine tour.

In addition to personal tours, Brilliant Transportation offers several different vehicle sizes to accommodate whatever sized group you may be bringing with you. Besides our 7 passenger luxury van, our Cadillac Escalade SUVs can handle up to 6 people, and we have 14 passenger Sprinter vans to handle groups of that size as well. For even larger groups, we also offer luxury minibuses, with extremely comfortable interiors using the finest materials, in  28 and 36 passenger configurations. Whatever size you choose, Brilliant can come up with a custom tour itinerary for your next wine tour.

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