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The Best Way to go Apple Picking in New York

September 26, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek


After Labor Day has come and gone and summer is officially ‘over’, there are a couple more warm weeks before the weather starts turning cold. And that’s the best time of year to go apple picking! This old fashioned family fun is a long standing tradition in New York, and there’s a lot of great family farms and orchards not too far from New York City where you’re family or group of friends can spend an enjoyable day harvesting apples among the orchards.

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The Benefits of Luxury Van Versus a Limousine in Wedding Service

September 25, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek


Every bride to be knows that they only have one shot (potentially) to get their special day right, so they focus obsessively on the details, hoping to make everything perfect! When you consider all the stress that bridal couples can face to pull off a successful event, one area where they don’t need added problems is in the transportation department.

Especially if you’re planning a big wedding, with different locations spread throughout the area, transportation is the critical element that will bring everything and everyone together. But more often than should be the case, hiring the limos or buses is an afterthought, and often done at the last minute.

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The Benefits of a Luxury Van Versus a Limousine for Corporate Events

September 19, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek


The field of transportation and of livery service is changing. As luxury trends go even higher scale, discerning clients are expecting more from limousine companies these days. Customers want bigger, better vehicles and more luxury.

Lucky for Brilliant Transportation, these arching trends play right into our strategy and positioning. Brilliant Transportation is a high-end, luxury and executive transportation provider, and our company is known for their top of the line, customized Mercedes Sprinter Vans.

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How to Find Best Pet Friendly Luxury Transportation Provider

September 17, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek


There’s no doubt that when high end travelers go on the road, they love to go in style. The same can be said about their pets! Many times first class travelers love to bring their pet or special animal companion along with them for the adventure.

But as anyone who has travelled with a pet before, you know it can be a problem. Many carriers or hotels won’t allow pets, or will require extra charges if you do bring them along. But for many travelers, that just won’t do. Pets, particularly dogs, as that’s the most common pet to travel with their owners, are considered just as valuable as any other human member of your family. So it’s natural to want to bring your dog with you on a trip and be able to enjoy all the same places that you do.

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What is the Best Transportation for a L.I. North Fork Winery Tour?

September 12, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek


Long Island is known for many things, particularly its summer party scene for the rich and famous in the Hamptons, but one thing that doesn’t offer come to mind is winemaking. That could be changing though, as the the eastern end of Long Island, particularly the North Fork is starting to cement its reputation as a premier grape growing and winemaking region.

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What is the Best Transportation to Big Bear Mountain?

September 10, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek


Many people who visit Southern California and the Los Angeles basin are initially unaware of LA’s proximity to some amazing mountain wilderness areas. The Los Angeles National Forest is less than an hour’s drive from downtown LA and the San Bernardino National Forest is also about a 2 hour’s drive from downtown as well.
This mountain areas don’t just serve as a magnificent background, but are also home to some great outdoor recreation as well. In the summer there’s plenty of hiking, mountain biking and camping that can be enjoyed. During winter, when there’s snow, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy a bit of downhill skiiing or snowboard too.
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Why Corporate Travel Planners Prefer Service Over Price

September 05, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek


In the field of corporate transportation, the need for reliability and service are two key aspects that cannot be overlooked. In the corporate world, ground transportation is usually an afterthought, something that is ordered last minute and little thought is given to long-term relationships. Yet at the same time, clients expects these services to be convenient and to work, every time they are requested.

These two impulses, the desire for reliability and the lack of interest in cultivating long term ties can sometimes be at loggerheads. Sure most ground transportation requests are fairly straightforward, like taking a black sedan from a Midtown office to JFK Airport. And most of the time, the vendors who supply these services get it right with no real difficulty.

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The Best Limousine Service for Multi-Day Tours of NYC

September 03, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek


When you’re in New York City for an extended period of time, whether it’s on business or for a holiday, one of the best ways to make productive use of your time is to order a chauffeured service to help you get around. Having a chauffeured vehicle is of course a great luxury, but at the same time it is an incredible convenience for very busy people.

Getting around on public transportation in the City can be a real hassle, despite the fact it is widely available. For super busy individuals who value their time, using public transportation isn’t a good option, and even hailing cabs or a Uber ride doesn’t offer the same convenience or benefit that having a dedicated vehicle and driver does.

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Best Shuttle Bus Company in New York City

August 29, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek


Corporate shuttles buses are a big business in any major metro, but particularly in New York City, being the center of the universe, as Big Apple fans love to say. There are so many companies and organizations that need to arrange transportation on a daily basis, whether it’s going to special events, corporate outings, business conventions, meetings, or just simple daily commuting. Shuttle buses are on the go, constantly.

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The Best Transportation from New York City to Stratton Mountain Resort

August 26, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek


Winter, spring, summer and fall, any time of year is a great time to get out of New York City and head for the mountains! While there are plenty of great mountain getaways in upstate New York, one of my favorite destinations in the Northeast is the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont.

Specifically, Stratton Mountain Resort is a fantastic retreat destination any time of year. Stratton is of course best known as a premier ski resort, and the winter ski season is perhaps its prime time. But this lovely little alpine village is no less charming in summer time, and offers an terrific abundance of outdoor fun, featuring activities like hiking, biking, golf, tennis, kayaking, running, horseback riding, just about anything you would enjoy doing on a lazy summer day. It’s quaint little village also offers lots of great shopping, dining, live entertainment and plenty to keep the whole family engaged during your vacation.

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