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Expert Business Travel Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

March 12, 2015

- Posted by Charles Hurley


If you're a frequent business traveler then you're probably always looking for ways to remain productive in transit. As you know, minor impediments can compound into long periods of unproductive time. Below you'll find tips and tricks from CEOs on the little things they do to ensure their travel is swift and efficient. 

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Brilliant's Latest Addition: The Mobility Van

February 11, 2015

- Posted by Richard Fertig


We are pleased to announce that we now offer our luxury chauffeured transportation service to wheelchair users with the introduction of our brand new Brilliant Mobility Van.  While others call their vehicles Wheelchair Accessible Vans (or WAV), we prefer a more respectful name seeing our vehicle as a solution allowing clients to regain mobility.  


Accordingly, our wheelchair accessible vehicle will be called by the solution it provides (mobility) versus a physical description of the vehicle itself (wheelchair accessible).  While this naming convention may be subtle, the nuance speaks volumes towards our approach to working with the most influential people on the planet.  We focus on peoples challenges and needs and then problem-solve.

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10 Signs Your Travel Agent is Pro

January 31, 2015

- Posted by Charles Hurley


Ready to turn your dream vacation into a reality? Planning for a vacation can be stressful—though it doesn't have to be. Get the peace of mind that comes from hiring a knowledgeable travel agent who will make every necessary arrangement for you so that you don't have to, saving you time and headaches.

But how do you find the right agent? We've read over and scoured through nearly 1,000 travel agent reviews to find what makes for good—and bad—travel agents and have narrowed it down to a top ten list. Make sure to look for these things when choosing an agent, and then all you'll have to worry about is what shoes to pack and which sunglasses to bring. Before you know it, you'll be saying "bon voyage!"


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Cool Spots In NYC You Probably Haven't Heard Of

January 28, 2015

- Posted by Kade Call

Cool Spots In NYC You Probably Haven't Heard Of


There’s certainly a lot to see in New York City. Tourists from all over the world flock to popular and historic attractions like the Rockefeller Center and the Statue of Liberty, but what about the city’s lesser-known venues? Here are 7 of New York City’s best kept secrets; chances are, not even all the locals know about these hidden gems.

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How Much Luggage Will Fit Inside a Luxury Sprinter Van? [VIDEO]

January 27, 2015

- Posted by Charles Hurley


A few weeks ago one of my colleagues, Melissa Groneveldt noted that the first thing prospective clients ask on the phone is if their luggage will fit in our vans. She thought it would be helpful to provide everyone with a video to visually show the difference between each of the trunk capacities - great idea!

So we spent one afternoon filming our Regional Director of Business Operations, Alex Naderi while he demonstrated the trunk capacities of our different Sprinter Van configurations. The result will definitely serve as an aid in your buying process. If you have any other questions about the rest of our vehicles, you can download our free vehicle guide or simply call one of our reservation specialists now.

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Event Planners: Jeff Hurt's Insights for Conference Planning in 2015

January 21, 2015

- Posted by Charles Hurley

Jeff Hurt

I reached out to Jeff Hurt a few weeks ago about the possibility of conducting a Q &A for our blog, and much to my surprise - he was more than willing! 


For those of you who don’t know, Jeff Hurt is the Executive Vice President at Velvet Chainsaw Consulting. He has been planning meetings/conferences for 20+ years. During that time he has managed to become one of the best thought leaders within the event planning industry. If you’re not already, please subscribe to his blog, and follow him on Twitter for a daily dose of educational content. 


Jeff has also agreed to a video interview next month so please leave any questions you may have for him in the comments, and he’ll answer them during the next interview.

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Topics: Corporate Events, Event Planners

5 Ways Travel Websites Fail

January 06, 2015

- Posted by Charles Hurley


Travel sites took the industry by storm in the early 2000’s. Many travel agents fell by the wayside as the internet appeared to provide a quicker alternative to booking transportation. 


This was due to the fact that travel planners were mainly regarded as gate keepers of valuable information instead of providers of custom experiences. Once the market changed, luxury travel agents decided to change with it by providing value that websites simply cannot. 

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How Much Does a Limo Cost From NYC to Atlantic City?

December 30, 2014

- Posted by Charles Hurley

Limo Cost From NYC to Atlantic City

Atlantic City's gaming and beach resort are still a popular draw for many New York City residents. Sure, maybe it's a little beyond it's glory days, but the area still offers some of the best gaming and beach resort options in the Northeast. It's also a great place for NYC residents to get away and celebrate, which normally entails a need for some type of chauffeured service. As such, we normally get the question, "how much does a limo cost from NYC to Atlantic City?"

To make your life a little easier, I've provided some different options below for chauffeured service from New York City to Atlantic City along with some pros and cons. 

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