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Why the Mercedes Sprinter Van is Best for a Book Tour

April 18, 2014

- Posted by Ryan Scott


At Brilliant, we field a lot of questions from folks who are looking for transportation for a specific purpose other than simple point-to-point transfers. The questions often start with, “this is a weird request, but van you do this?”

Let me put your mind at ease, there are no weird requests in the transportation business, especially at Brilliant. We handle a lot of multi-day trips for people taking college tours or roadshows, and book tours are one of the types of trips we love to provide our author clients.

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Luxury Van Service vs. Limo Van Service: Which is Best?

April 17, 2014

- Posted by Ryan Scott

van service versus luxury which is best

We have clients come to us all the time, wondering what the difference is between luxury vans and limo vans. Some people think of van service as a normal 15 passenger van with a driver, taking them from point a to point b. Then, there are others who want a nice van and think leather seats, and tinted windows are what makes it a luxury option.

At Brilliant, we believe there should be a third option!

However, in order to explain what that third option is, we have to first look at the differences in van service, and luxury van service. A lot of our clients come to us with this question because every limo company in New York and Los Angeles advertise their van service as, “luxury.”

The truth is, luxury is subjective, much like the term awesome. Something is awesome only to those who are awed by it, and something is luxury, only to those who think it is.

Usually, limo companies think all their vehicles are luxury. However, to the executive that’s used to the finer things in life, wrapping something in leather doesn’t make it luxury to him. He expects more, and that’s where the differences lie.

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5 Problems With Executive Transportation in NYC

April 16, 2014

- Posted by Ryan Scott

problems with executive transportation

At Brilliant, we provide transportation for many high end executives in the New York area. Whether for personal, leisure travel or business trips, we’re privileged to have many influential executives on our client roster. We do our best to set ourselves apart as a 5-Star quality provider of executive transportation, who can deliver on even the most difficult itineraries.

Our clients come to us when they want performance and service, not mere transportation. As a matter of fact, we’re not embarrassed to admit if you’re looking for simple A-to-B transportation at an affordable price, we’re probably not a good fit for you.

We’re priced at a premium on purpose. One of the reasons we have the clients we do is because they’ve experienced the problems associated with mere executive transportation.

Our clients don’t want to be left in the snow at JFK while their car is supposedly “circling.” Our clients wouldn’t use us more than once if we picked them up in a vehicle that wasn’t spotlessly clean, or needed mechanical work done.

Put simply, our clients come to us because we’re the Waldorf Astoria of transportation. We’re not anywhere near the cheapest, but we deliver on quality and value for those that want to experience the best.

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Reviews of the 5 Best Executive Transportation Services in New York

April 15, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek

executive transportation reviews nyc

Executive transportation isn’t just for the business elites anymore, but a valuable service for private individuals, families, groups and business travelers who need some professional help getting around when they have a full schedule. And naturally, when people are looking for an premium luxury transportation company, they want to find someone who will offer great service, efficiency and good value. But in such a decentralized and diverse industry, sometimes that can seem a bit of a challenge!

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Corporate Minibus Service in New York City (cost/price information)

April 14, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek

corporate minibus nyc

With so many big banks, institutions and major corporations located in New York City, executive  transportation is a big business in the Big Apple. The most common use of executive transportation is usually black car or van service to ferry around individuals and small groups around the city.

But sometimes companies also need to move larger groups around and obviously using sedans or vans to move large groups around is impractical. That’s where the minibus steps in. Minibuses are a category of buses one step below a full sized motor coach. There is wide range of sizes and styles but the category refers to buses that can carry between 20 and 40 passengers at a time. They are the ideal size for groups in the range, and their use, particularly luxury minibuses is becoming more prevalent than ever. Sometimes these minibuses are referred to as corporate shuttle buses.

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The Five Best Executive Transportation Companies in Los Angeles (reviews/ratings)

April 14, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek

executive transportation los angeles

When it comes to finding executive transportation, otherwise commonly known as limousine service, most clients want to use the best company they can find. But what does that mean exactly? Not all executive transportation companies are created equal, and on top of that, many companies are niche players, meaning that they serve only a limited market. So before you go out and try to find the best service for you, it is helpful to realize that not all executive transportation companies do the same thing. So a good rule of the thumb would be to match the particular services of a given executive transportation provider with the type and size of event or trip that you are planning.

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The Price of Limo Service from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon

April 11, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek

grand canyon

Las Vegas is famous for being the Sin City, where one can find all of the gambling, entertainment and all you can eat buffets that one could possibly want. However, what some people don’t realize is that Las Vegas is also strategically located close by some of the America’s top outdoor attractions. Places like Hoover Dam, Death Valley, the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park are all within a few hours’ drive from the Strip.

As we are in the transportation business, many times potential customers have asked us about pricing to various destinations, including this one: “What is the price of limo service from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon?”

There are a couple of different ways one could answer that question, and as we do so, I would like to lay out a couple of concepts about limousine pricing that should help you make a better informed decision next time you want to make a reservation.

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The Best Meet and Greet Services at LAX Airport (reviews/ratings)

April 10, 2014

- Posted by Ryan Scott

Meet and Greet Services LAX

For executives and busy professionals, having a great meet and greet service when they land at an airport is essential to their travel plans. When landing at LAX in Los Angeles, the vast airport terminals, crazy baggage claim, and large crowds can make getting your luggage and finding transportation a pain in the neck.

Since we’re an upscale executive transportation company based in Los Angeles, we’re often called upon by our clients to offer meet and greet service at LAX. While we like to think our well-trained staff as the best, we realize we’re not the best fit for doing business with every traveler. This article will offer honest reviews of the best meet and greet providers in the Los Angeles area, specifically for LAX airport.

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The Best Executive Transportation from San Diego to Los Angeles

April 09, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek

executive transportation la

Going from San Diego to Los Angeles and vice versa is a very popularly travelled route for business travelers and visitors alike. San Diego is in fact the most popular weekend destinations for Angelinos looking to get out of town for the summer. But the business corridor is also important, going by the hi-tech and financial center of Irvine and San Diego also boasts a robust biotechnology and start up sector.

Being in the executive transportation business, often we get asked by potential clients about the best corporate transportation between San Diego and Los Angeles. While we certainly know what we do best, the answer to his question does depend in part on what your particular needs are at the moment and what options you might choose to take this trip.

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How to Charter the Best Private Transportation in Los Angeles

April 09, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek

private transportation los angeles

Los Angeles is known the world over as a happy, sunny, laid-back place where it never rains and people spend their time hanging out at beach. But appearances can be deceiving because Los Angeles is also a very serious city when it comes to business. Los Angeles is world city with many world leading industries, like entertainment, media, fashion, aerospace and manufacturing. It’s actually a very competitive place, where people come from all over the world to compete against one another for opportunities and to be the best at their game.

The same could be said of private transportation!

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