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The Best Wedding Venues in NYC & LA

December 18, 2014

- Posted by Charles Hurley

Best Wedding Venues in NYC & LA

You want the perfect, dream come true wedding day to turn out to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life, and the people you turn to for help with the planning and details should take that prospect seriously.

Sometimes planning out every little detail of these events raises enough stress and friction to sever the bonds between the parties involved. Obviously, that shouldn’t happen. Such a serious undertaking should go exactly the way the bride, groom, and their families have imagined it will. From ambiance and catering, to sound systems, lighting, and optimized space, nobody should be forced into a compromise. If you’re planning a wedding in the New York or Los Angeles areas the following venues have those bases covered well enough to ensure that the marriage flourishes well beyond the wedding day.   

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How Much Does a Limo Cost From NYC to Stratton Mountain?

December 15, 2014

- Posted by Charles Hurley

Limo From NYC to Stratton Mountain

Stratton Mountain is a popular weekend escape for many New Yorkers around this time of year. Transportation there can be tricky, so many people choose chauffeured service. As such, they normally call us and ask, "how much does a limo cost from NYC to Stratton Mountain?"

To make your life a little easier, I've provided some different options below for chauffeured service from New York City to Stratton Mountain along with some pros and cons. 

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How Much Does a Limo Cost From Los Angeles to Big Bear?

December 08, 2014

- Posted by Charles Hurley

Chauffeured Transportation Big Bear

We have clients come to us all the time wanting to get a limo from Los Angeles to Big Bear/Lake Arrowhead. And the first question they normally ask is, “how much does a limo cost from LA to Big Bear?


Our blog’s motto is You Ask, We Answer so here we are. 


Below you’ll find some of the most popular limo options from LA to Big Bear. Just make sure you don't automatically go with the cheapest one. As the old adage goes, "You get what you pay for." 

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6 Best Stores For 2014 Christmas Shopping in NYC

December 05, 2014

- Posted by Charles Hurley

Tiffany & Co. Christmas Shopping

This week the Rockefeller Tree was lit which means the holiday season has officially begun in New York City. Christmas shoppers gather up and down Fifth Avenue throughout December to shop at the most high-end department stores the city has to offer.

In fact, Fifth Avenue has been labeled the most expensive shopping district in the world! Prestigious boutiques, big name flagships, and dazzling window displays encapsulate the area every Christmas season providing the best NYC Christmas shopping experience. If you’ll be in the city this month and looking to do some high-end shopping - make sure you visit these 6 stores.


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What is the Best Transportation to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular?

December 03, 2014

- Posted by Charles Hurley

Best Way To Get to Christmas Spectacular

Since 1933, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular has been a holiday tradition for families visiting New York City.

In fact, more than 1 million people come to see the show every year!
 As is the case with many shows, the transportation can elevate or ruin your entire experience. Getting to Radio City Music Hall can be tricky around this time of year so make sure you understand all the options before you decide on your form of transportation. 

To help guide you, I've provided the most popular transportation options to Radio City below. This will help you make a clear decision on what's best for your family.


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Why the Internet Can't Kill This Breed of Travel Agents

November 26, 2014

- Posted by Charles Hurley

Happy Travel Agent

The internet has killed many things in the last decade. Newspapers, movie rental locations, yellow pages, personal relationships, and even expertise in your career field.  


Before the web, expertise was something you gained from years of work. Now, anyone can go online and become a so called “expert” by watching YouTube videos or reading blog posts.

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Etihad Airlines Offers Luxury Travel in the Sky

November 18, 2014

- Posted by Charles Hurley



Etihad Airlines has created the first-ever apartment in the sky deemed "The Residence.

It has three roomsa living room, bedroom and bathroom—and comes with a butler and personalized cuisine provided by an on-board chef. 

A double bed with Egyptian cotton sheets, personal shower, two LCD TVs, chilled mini-bar, and a reclining leather sofa are some of the amenities provided when you charter "The Residence."

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4 Blogs Every Executive Assistant Should Follow

November 13, 2014

- Posted by Charles Hurley


4 Blog Every Executive Assistant Should Follow


Modern-day executive assistants are the glue that holds every office together.


In fact, Staples conducted a social media survey questioning the importance of the executive assistant’s role in the office. The survey found that nearly two-thirds (65.2 percent) felt the office would be more likely to fall apart without the executive assistant than without the boss!

All this importance makes your work-life demanding and fast-paced, leaving you little time to consume educational content to further your career. We’ve decided to take out some of the busy-work and provide you with the 4 blogs every executive assistant should follow!

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