The Best Way to Get To the New York Giants/Jets Stadium

February 03, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek

The best way to get to Metlife Stadium

MetLife Stadium receives plenty of interest throughout the rest of the football season as the home stadium for the New York Giants and Jets. Being in the transportation business, we are often asked what the best way to get to Giant’s/Jets Stadium is. The answer really depends on how comfortable, safe and convenient you would prefer to get there.


How to Get to MetLife Stadium from New York City


The simplest method would be to drive your personal vehicle there.  But not everyone would prefer to drive themselves and deal with the hassle of traffic, parking, bridge and tunnel crossings, tolls, etc. Traffic is perhaps the main consideration for the driving adverse here. If the Lincoln Tunnel, which is the most direct route from Midtown, is jammed it can sometimes take one hour to go less than 10 miles.

Even if it takes the same amount of time to go that distance in a chauffeured vehicle as it would in your own car, having someone else driving takes a weight off your shoulders. You can relax and enjoy the trip, and have a more engaging conversation with your traveling companions since you don’t have to worry about watching the road.


The Best Ways to Get to the Giants/Jets Stadium


Taking a Taxi To MetLife Stadium

So what are the options if would prefer to be driven by someone else? An obvious choice would be to take a cab there. This option may work for some, but not everyone enjoys taking a cab ride. Personally I don’t find them that comfortable or enjoyable. In addition, finding a cab ride home from Metlife Stadium could be more challenging than getting there. You might have to wait in a long line for an available cab, or even walk a great distance to find one.


Black Car Service to MetLife Stadium

The next best option might be to consider using a black car service. This would be slightly more comfortable form of transportation to get to the game.  Black car service is easy to find in New York as there are hundreds of companies that operate in this space. 

It is more expensive than using a cab, but the service and convenience is a bit higher. Usually, these vehicles are something like a Lincoln Town Car, but many companies can offer you a more upscale and much more comfortable option like a Cadillac Escalade. These companies also usually have a 2 hour minimum for service, so for something like a football game, with a 2 minimum on each pick up, it would probably be more convenient to keep the vehicle on site for roughly the same cost.


The Best Luxury & Group Transportation to MetLife Stadium

Now if you’re traveling in a larger group you would want to book group transportation. For groups of 7 to 14 people, a Sprinter Van would be your best option.  For groups of 15-36, a Luxury Minibus would be your top pic. 

Luxury vans offer lots of individual comforts, like captains chairs, stowaway desks and satellite TV. This would be the perfect option if you were attending the game with business clients or your family.

Imagine getting picked up at your doorsteps, cold beers are waiting for you and your friends on board, you will be able to start the party on your way to the game and to continue it on your way back home while discussing the game...

If you would like to get a quote from us for transportation to MetLife Stadium, please click the link below.


Even if you decide on another company besides Brilliant Transportation, make sure you enjoy the game! 

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