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    Premium Wedding Transportation Experiences

    "We appreciate your hard work helping with our wedding! People felt very taken care of! Your transportation rocked!!!" - Dylan Lauren, CEO & Founder, Dylan's Candy Bar

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Premium Wedding Transportation Experiences

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The Art of Wedding Party Transportation



We provide exhaustive transportation solutions for weddings and wedding planners. 

Wedding transportation has historically been the weak link in wedding plans. Most of the top wedding planners will agree that the transportation companies are what worry them the most. From the wedding chauffeur showing up to the wrong entrance, not knowing the route, being late, and vehicles being dirty; we've seen and heard all the horror stories.

Our company culture is one that erases all of these problems so wedding planners can concentrate on their event and don't have to worry about the wedding transportation and wedding bus they hire. The peace of mind knowing the wedding transportation company is going to delight their clients is why the top wedding planners worldwide choose Brilliant.

Whether your wedding is small or large, in NYC or Los Angeles, or at your fabulous family property in the woods, or private island, Brilliant Transportation has been selected by the most discerning wedding planners and families to handle their most important celebrations.  We will meet with your team frequently, including on location and perform a ‘dress rehearsal’ of our own to ensure every detail has been thoughtfully designed and planned for. When Brilliant provides wedding transportation, we make sure to bring the exact wedding bus and top wedding chauffeurs to the dry runs. It helps us make sure that roads are not too narrow, turns are not too tight and just have everyone in our wedding transportation company take a very close look at what we will be working with. That way, potential issues that could arise during the big day can be anticipated and dealt with ahead of time.

Whether your aesthetic calls for a caravan of Mercedes Sprinter vans, or the most luxurious minibuses, we’ve been honored to handle and coordinate the most exclusive wedding transportation consistently. Let our dedicated team of transportation experts design, coordinate, and plan every detail in advance. Leave nothing to chance. Instead, enjoy every second of your wedding, confident that your family and guests are being transported safely, soundly, and in the style they deserve. Go ahead, be brilliant!

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