Cost Information: Limo Service From NYC to State College PA

June 09, 2015

- Posted by Stephen Chapek


Clients looking for limo service from NYC to State College PA for the first time, there will be questions about what this might cost. We can give you an idea of what it costs to travel with Brilliant, as well as some tips about limo pricing in general.

There are only a few factors that will determine the cost of such a service. The first variable is time and distance, the second the number of people in your party and the third would be the level of service you're interested in and the class of vehicle you choose.

Cost Information: Limo Service State College PA 

The first thing to understand about limousine pricing is it's billed garage to garage, which means a round trip for the vehicle. So if you're only planning a one-way transfer from NYC to State College then your bill will include the time it takes for the chauffeur to return to our base inGreenpoint, Brooklyn.


Other cost factors would include any tolls, tax (there’s no tax coming from New York, only if you stay in-state), and gratuity. Some companies will include the gratuity as part of the hourly rate, but much more common is to add on a mandatory gratuity, usually anywhere from 5% to 15%. Other companies, like Brilliant make this gratuity discretionary, so the client can decide if they want to tip and how much

Brilliant only offers customized quotes from NYC to State College. We believe in customized service and that begins with our quotes. What I can provide is the hourly base rates for our vehicles to give you a feel for our price. If you're interested in a customized quote for your trip click here


Brilliant Van (luxury 7 passenger Sprinter)

Hourly rate is $225



14 Passenger Sprinter Van (Standard)

Hourly rate is $165



Brilliant SUV 

Hourly rate is $120

Imagine your trip to State College like this:

  • You open your front door to find a custom luxury Mercedes Sprinter van and personal chauffeur ready to whisk you away on your trip to State College.

  • You sit back in your sumptuous leather captains chair, pour yourself a drink from our wet bar and tune into to your favorite satellite channel. Perhaps you’re getting ready to enjoy a Nittany Lion football game!

  • You're having so much fun with your traveling companions you don’t notice the hours flowing by as you enjoy our 2 large flat screen TVs with DirecTV, DVD player, and premium sound system.

  • Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, we have every angle covered. If it’s work, all of your seating comes with its own workstation: stowable desk top, reading lights and household outlets for your personal electronics nearby. Our on-board WiFi takes care of your data/streaming needs.

  • You may have to peel yourself out of your private luxury cocoon when it’s time to go, you’ve been enjoying yourself so much, you hardly notice you’ve arrived.


Sound like the experience you're looking for? We'd be thrilled to give you a custom quote and some more details about how Brilliant can delight you on your next trip to State College, PA.

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