How Much Does A Chauffeured Executive Van Cost in New York City?

January 24, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek

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Being in the executive transportation business, one of the most frequently asked questions I receive is “how much does a chauffeured executive van cost in New York City?”

Like many good questions, there’s isn’t necessarily a straight answer to that. Instead it is, it depends, and the deciding factors have to do with the specifics of what it you’re trying to accomplish as a customer.

Since there is no one-size fits all, exact price is hard to estimate. However, we’ve found the six, most common factors you will have to look at are:

  • How many people do you need to move?
  • Where will you be going?
  • How long will you need the service of the Executive Van?
  • What is your budget?
  • What type of vehicle would be interested in?
  • What type of event are you attending?

All of these questions need to be looked at before we can give you a complete answer. And in most cases, you’d need to pick up the phone and speak to one or more providers before your questions can be fully satisfied. But in the meantime, assuming you are still in the planning or consideration phase, let’s review some possible answers to the questions above.

How Much Does it Cost To Hire a Chauffeured Executive Van in NYC

First off, we need to understand that executive transportation is a large category and can mean different things to different consumers. You could be referring to a black car service (Lincoln Town Car) or perhaps a stretch limo or SUV, or perhaps a luxury van or minibus.

However, if you’re really looking for an ‘executive van’ we know you are at least looking for a larger type of luxury vehicle that could accommodate anywhere from 4-14 passengers. Again, in reference to the questions above and the type of journey you are planning, there are different types of vans which would be appropriate for different types of trips.

Basic Passenger Vans

The basic types of vans that concern us are: luxury vans and passenger vans. Passenger vans are going to be the the more basic level of van in the comparison. They can have seating from anywhere from 6 passengers up to 14 passengers.

The 14 passenger van is an industry standard, so many transportation and livery companies will have this type of van as part of their standard fleet. For example, with the Mercedes Benz Sprinter 14-passenger van, it has 4 rows of bench seating, with three, 3 seat rows and one 4 seat back row fitting 13 people. The 14th guest rides up front with the driver.

Some of the passenger vans take out some of the extra rows of seats to make room for extra cargo, like a ‘crew van’ type, hence the full sized 5-6 passenger van.

Luxury Passenger Vans

The luxury van category is a much more individual and flexible category, as most of these vans are custom converted and can have any number of unique seating configurations and equipment list. I’ve seen luxury vans that seat as few as four people and as many as ten.

You usually won’t see ones that seat more than that, because obviously, the greater number of seats squeezed into a van, usually the less elbow room and luxury equipment can fit inside! Just remember in terms of pricing that the fancier and more equipment laden the van, the more expensive the hourly rate will be.

The Price of Executive Vans in New York

Because vehicle terminology varies from company to company when checking on vehicle availability, always ask your representative to describe the vehicle in detail so there’s no confusion. For example, some companies will call a limo bus or minibus that seats 10-14 people an executive van, even though the vehicle is based on truck chassis with cab instead of unibody passenger van.

In terms of pricing, the range for an executive van can be anywhere from $70-$250/per hour depending upon the vehicle type and company. The standard 14 passenger vans with no special equipment or features on board start at the lower end of the range, from $70 per hour on up, usually topping out at $150 per hour.

Usually the larger the vehicle, and the fancier it is, the more it will cost you. Also the make of van could figure in the price. A standard Ford Econoline 14 passenger van will cost you less than a Mercedes Benz Sprinter, which is bigger, roomer and often comes with more extensive equipment list.

For luxury vans, this vehicle category will price out anywhere from $150 to $250 per hour, again depending upon specific equipment and the level of service the company is providing.

Another important detail to consider about executive van is how they price a charter. Most companies in NYC charge by the hour with usually a 2 hour minimum to start. Tolls and tax are always charged on top on the standard hourly rate.

Some companies may choose to list this as a separate line item on your quote, sometimes you won’t see these charges until your reservation is done as it is dependent upon final trip details. Also you should reckon on paying a chauffeur’s gratuity, anywhere from 10-20%, but 15-20% is considered standard. Some companies will include this cost automatically, others will not, so check beforehand.

Brilliant’s Executive Van Pricing

Brilliant Transportation has 3 different kinds of vans that would fit into the ‘executive van’ category. Our entire van fleet is based on the very capable and comfortable Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans.  

Our “Basic” 14 Passenger Sprinter

Our first offering is the our 14 passenger Sprinter van.  This vehicle goes for $165/hour with a 3 hour minimum. This is a standard factory vehicle, and in terms of special features, WiFi (upon request) is available in New York. In our Los Angeles fleet, our 14 passenger vans comes standard with WiFi and Satellite TV with a large 32” flat screen.


Our Luxury “Brilliant Van”

Our 3rd offering is Brilliant Van, which is a seven seat luxury Sprinter van. It has almost identical interior and features, except for the seating arrangement. In the Brilliant Van, there are four captain’s chairs which face each other, and then a back bench with seats and additional three people. The back bench can also fold down into a sleeper bed. It shares the same hourly rate with its 9 passenger cousin, $250/hour with a three hour minimum.


Our “Executive Van”

Then we offer a 9 passenger luxury Sprinter, which we call our ‘Executive Van’. It is a vehicle custom built for executive and luxury transportation needs. It seats 9 individuals in complete comfort, each person in their own leather covered captains chair with multi-way electric  adjustment and foot rest. There are also leather and wood accents throughout the cabin as well as a beautiful hardwood floor. Tinted window provide privacy and there are also draw-down shades as well.

The Executive Van works well for corporate tours or business trips because in addition to being a luxury vehicle, it is designed to function as mobile office with tons of connectivity technology. Each seat has its own stowaway desk, household electrical outlet, and individual reading light.

In addition, the van is equipped with onboard WiFi and a large flat TV screen in front which has various cable and HDMI connections. Not only are you able to watch satellite TV, but with the various connectors you can plug in your own audio-visual device or laptop and show a business video or PowerPoint presentation. Even though everyone carries their own smartphone these days, on on-board cellular phone is also provided to enable passengers to conduct a conference call.

There is also satellite radio and multi-speaker system to give you premium sound quality.

The cost to use this van is as follows: the hourly rate is $250 and there is a three hour minimum for any reservation. 


The Best Choice for an Executive Van in New York

We understand our vehicles aren’t the best fit for every occasion. For this particular trip you’re looking to charter, we may not be the best choice for you for different reasons. If you would like to get a quote from us for our Executive Van in New York, you can do so here.

If we’re not a good fit for you at this time, there are a lot of great companies that could supply you with a nice, executive van perfect for your trip. We recommend comparing and contrasting multiple transportation companies to discover which one fits your needs the best. This way, you can rest easy knowing you got just the right company with just the right vehicle for your needs.

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