Etihad Airlines Offers Luxury Travel in the Sky

November 18, 2014

- Posted by Charles Hurley



Etihad Airlines has created the first-ever apartment in the sky deemed "The Residence.

It has three roomsa living room, bedroom and bathroom—and comes with a butler and personalized cuisine provided by an on-board chef. 

A double bed with Egyptian cotton sheets, personal shower, two LCD TVs, chilled mini-bar, and a reclining leather sofa are some of the amenities provided when you charter "The Residence."



This is ground breaking innovation in the luxury transportation industry. However, often times there is a huge disconnect with the experience in air vs. the experience on the ground. When you exit a luxurious plane and jump into a limo or sedan you are left with a feeling that could ruin your travel experience entirely. 


Usually, limo companies won't offer:

  • Real leather captain's chairs
  • Excess standing room
  • Flat screen TVs with 185 channels of DirecTV
  • Refrigerators
  • Wine chests & stemware
  • WiFi
  • Face to face interaction necessary while communicating with high-end clients


That's more high-end travelers are starting to charter luxury Sprinter Vans. These vans eliminate all of these problems and provide you with an experience far superior than a limousine. Take a look at an example of a luxury Mercedes Sprinter Van below: 


Brilliant Transportation pioneered the way for custom Mercedes Sprinter Vans back in 2010, and we've kept our innovative spirit throughout the years. We now offer 4 different Sprinter Van configurations to provide our clients with the most custom experience possible.


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