Limo Services in Los Angeles That Offer White Escalades

February 22, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek

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Picture this, you’re getting ready for the limousine ride to your wedding reception and the lovely SUV you ordered to take you there pulls up all sparkling and ready to go…but it’s the wrong color!  

Imagine going to all the trouble to plan your wedding down to the last detail, including color coordinating everything but forgetting to check with the limo company about the color of the vehicle, all because you just assumed it would be white!

How to Avoid Mistakes of Limousine Rentals in LA

Believe it or not these types of mistakes do happen in the limousine business, mainly because of poor communication but also because people don’t always double check their assumptions. You, the client, can avoid this mistake by clearly communicating up front you want and expect, and then following up to make sure those wished are followed, the day BEFORE your reservation.

The vehicle color issue may seem minor, but given the right circumstances it could definitely screw things up. Most limousine come in black. The other popular option is white. White is usually a color reserved for weddings, proms and other party occasions. For corporate or airport work, the choice is usually the standard black.

There are some operators out there who will have other colors, like pink or green or something unusual like that, but it’s pretty rare. The other standard colors are usually variations on a  theme like black or white, differing shades and hues. Silver is another popular option for limo colors.

Black or White SUV Limos

So if a particular color and style is important to your choice of transportation, make sure to clarify these details up front. Even if the limo company doesn’t have exactly what you want, they can usually help you find what you need through one of their affiliates.

As I mentioned before, the standard limo color is black, and that constitutes the majority of fleet vehicles for operators. Many companies will also offer a mix of white and black, but not all, so check ahead. Some companies even specialize is white vehicles only, although this is less common.

So if you really have your heart set on a white limo, particularly a white Cadillac Escalade, we would be happy to refer you on to some other limousine companies in the Los Angeles area, as unfortunately, Brilliant Transportation doesn’t have any white Escalades of its own, ours are all black!

Surprisingly enough, it is easier to locate an Escalade Stretch Limo in white than it is just to find a standard Escalade SUV in white, so we’ve done a little bit of research for you to make your quest easier.

Limo Companies in LA That Have White Escalade Limos

Here are a couple of options when searching for a white Escalade in the Los Angeles area:

Exotic/VIP Limo

Deluxe Limousine

All Airport Sedan Service

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