Private Jet vs. Limo Service to the Hamptons: Which One Is Better?

February 01, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek

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When the summer season hits the Hamptons, you’ll know it by the crowds of City folk jamming the streets and beaches of the far end of Long Island. Indeed, many of the luckier denizens of Gotham City will plan on spending of their summer holidays in the Northeast’s own Riviera. Whether you own a second home on the beach or are only an occasional partygoer to some of the island’s swankier private parties, the idea to see and be seen.

In addition to luxurious accommodations, many visitors like to arrive at their destination in style as well. For the well-heeled, there are many options available to make your trip to the Hamptons a first class event. Some even choose to fly the short distance from New York City to the Hamptons.

After all, there’s nothing that says ‘I have arrived’, like getting off a private plane or helicopter.   While flying from New York City to the nearby Hamptons is certainly an impressive and speedy method of getting to your destination, flying private, even for a short distance, can be pretty pricey and it’s not necessarily the most comfortable way to go either.

This brings to mind one of the questions that our clients ask us on a regular basis: which is better, flying to the Hamptons or taking ground transportation? It’s worth weighing your options here to see how well they stack up.

The Best Way to Fly to the Hamptons

First of all, let’s look at the cost of flying private to the Hamptons. The distance from NYC to Montauk and anything in-between is just too short for a commercial flight, so you are left with the charter option. A helicopter charter to the Hamptons can cost you $7,000 round trip! That doesn’t even include airport fees, taxes and dealing with other flight restrictions. Even for the biggest spenders, that is chunk of change.

Or consider the more exotic option of chartering a Seaplane from Manhattan to the Hamptons. Admittedly, a seaplane trip sounds like a lot of fun, but it will also set you back a cool 4 Gs, and that’s one way. Chartering a private jet is even more expensive than that.

For those who won’t consider anything less than a private plane, here are some companies you can contact to explore your options:

  • East End Helicopters Based at MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma, NY. 516-852-9194
  • Priority One Jets Based at 24th St. and FDR Drive. (They have seaplanes!) 888-671-5387
  • New York Skyports, Inc. 212-686-4548

So flying is certainly an option for those who are willing to fork over the money. And who can argue with the spectacular view, especially when the weather is nice?

The Disadvantages of Flying to the Hamptons

But cost and prestige are not the only factors to consider when flying private. For those who have made this trip before, we  are routinely told by loyal clients that as soon as they touchdown, they begin to immediately stress about the return leg and the weather.  How annoying is that?  The moment you start to rest and relax you start stressing about your departure?  

While flying can be faster, on a short haul like this, the time advantage is cut down to size when you consider the time involved in getting to the airport, parking, checking in, security clearances, and then you have rent a car or hire a driver when you get to your destination.

Also, when taking a short flight, other than looking out the window, there isn’t much else you can do with your time. No time for a movie, and it can be hard to even read a magazine when you’re bouncing around in an aircraft. You can’t get up and stretch and walk around a small plane or helicopter.

And for most of your short flight, you will be either ascending or descending. Also, many of the smaller  small aircraft don’t offer much in terms of on-board amenities. In fact, despite the cost, the cabins of smaller airplanes are pretty basic.  

Another very important consideration before booking a private flight is dealing with the weather. In bad weather, your flight out or back could be delayed, or even cancelled. Also, who wants to fly in bad weather? I’ve never cared for turbulence.

The Best Way to Drive to the Hamptons

So what would the alternative to private aviation be? If you’re in the luxury market, chauffeured ground transportation could be your best bet. One of the biggest advantage here, is door to door service. No need for transfers or dealing with airport parking. And for the price of private flight to the Hamptons, you could afford to keep your chauffeured ride with you for the entire weekend!

Deciding for chauffeured ground transportation also give you the option to select what type of vehicle you would be most comfortable in. For starters, there is always the black sedan option. Heading out the to Hamptons in the back seat of Lincoln Town Car can be fairly comfortable, especially considering your trip is not likely to take more than 2-3 hours.

Other livery options would be to go for a larger vehicle, like an SUV or stretch limo. This class of vehicles will add a bit more prestige to your trip but also accommodate more passengers and luggage room.

How Our Clients Get to the Hamptons

A further options and one that might provide the most comfort and value, is hiring a luxury van to take you to your Hamptons getaway. In our opinion, the most luxurious ground transportation is in customized Mercedes Sprinters, although we're definitely biased.

With the Sprinter’s  6’3” ceilings, the clearance is much better than standard limousines and certainly most small aircraft! With built-in desks and outlets, wifi capabilities, two 32’’ HD television displays equipped with DirecTV, 6’ 3’’ ceilings, window shades for privacy, a refrigerator that can be stocked with any beverage upon request plus two rows of captains chairs and a bench seat that lays out fully into a bed; the Brilliant Van can take your mind off of the destination and let you focus on the journey.

Many of our clients lead busy lives and a chauffeured journey to their vacation destination is a great way to reclaim free time from their busy schedule. You can use the interior of our Brilliant Van as your own private office to finish up those last minute work details before you hit the beaches for the weekend. Or maybe even hold an moving business meeting with clients on your way to an exclusive venue. Other clients choose to use their time in the Brilliant Van to unwind with family or friends as they head out of town.

With Brilliant Transportation, your trip out to the Hamptons will cost you in the range of $800 to $1,100, depending on how far you’re going. And you’ll be going in first class style. We can also offer ‘in-flight’ catering upon request,  but of course, we can always stop at your favorite restaurant along the way if that is your wish as well.

The Best Way to Get to the Hamptons: Fly or Drive?

If you’re looking to find the best way to get to the Hamptons, that answer depends on what kind of experience you’re looking to have. We would love to drive you in our vans to your final destination in the Hamptons. If you’re interested in a quote you can get one here.

However, we realize we’re not best fit for everyone and every occasion. So we can’t honestly say we’re the best way to get to the Hamptons. No Matter which way you choose to get there, the Hamptons are a magical place to relax. The important thing is you have the kind of experience you want to have.


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