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August 03, 2015

- Posted by Charles Hurley

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It takes a team of dedicated members to delight the most influential people in the world. While you'll mainly interface with our elite chauffeurs on the day of your trip, we have a whole team of people back at base who also aid in delighting you. Watch the video above to get a behind the scenes look at Brilliant.



"The Marketing team's goal is to tell Brilliant's story. We do this by creating content that's useful for you and engaging across all channels. This blog post for example, was created to help you understand all the effort that's needed to provide our level of service."


~ Charles Hurley


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"We're responsible for taking the stress out of planning a trip for our clients. We supply information needed to make the transportation planning process easier."


~ Melissa Groneveldt





"We make sure your vehicle is the safest, cleanest, and most presentable on the road. Before and after each trip we run the vehicle through an extensive pre/post-flight checklist to ensure everything is in perfect working order and up to Brilliant's safety standards."


~ Jordan Argirov

Brilliant Detailing




"Our department's job is to match the right chauffeur with you. We make sure all of your special requests are communicated and fulfilled by the chauffeur so your trip goes exactly as planned."


~ Dom Mahoney 

Brilliant Dispatch




"My goal is to attract and retain the finest and most professional chauffeurs the industry has to offer. Brilliant's culture and purpose of delighting the most influential people in the world is shared with each applicant, resulting in easily finding top-talent."


~ Monica Gonzalez

Brilliant HR




"Safety is our main priority on the road. We prepare for a trip the night before getting familiar with the route and area so your trip goes smoothly."


~ Chris Zalazny 

Brilliant Chauffeurs



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