Cost Information: Limo Service From LAX to Disneyland

May 13, 2015

- Posted by Stephen Chapek

Limo Service From LAX to Disneyland

Planning a trip to Disneyland?

Fantastic! For any visitors to Southern California, Disneyland is one of those premier attractions that you’d hate to miss, especially if you’re a first time visitor to Southern California or you have young children.


Now you're researching limo service from LAX to Disneyland to get you there, perhaps this is a special family trip, and you want to add a touch of luxury or convenience to your journey. Or perhaps you just don’t want to deal with the hassle of renting a car or dealing with other travel arrangements when you plan on staying onsite at the resort.


Limo Service From LAX to Disneyland

Well, you're in the right place. However, rather than filling our fleet with standard stretch limos, Brilliant's limo service in Los Angeles reflects a better way of travel, custom Mercedes Sprinter Vans.

While most Los Angeles limo services charge by the hour for local transportation as well as requiring an hourly minimum, typically 2-3 hours for new trips, on heavily used routes, you can usually get a flat rate price, or transfer price which will end up saving you money.

Brilliant Transportation offers a flat rate from LAX to Disneyland, with the provision that no extra stops or additional drop offs are made.



Our transfer rates to/from LAX to Disneyland per vehicle type are as follows:


Allow me to paint a scenario for you:

  • You arrive in LA after a long flight and the children are restless. Your ultimate destination is almost in sight.

  • As you exit the terminal, you are greeted by a custom Mercedes Sprinter Van, accompanied by a Brilliant chauffeur.

  • He takes your bags and you step into a living room on wheels

  • You sit down in a luxurious captain’s chair, turn on the TV and hook up your playlist to the surround sound.

  • As you listen to your favorite tunes with the provided earphones, and settle in with your favorite drink in hand, you children are enjoying their latest favorite Disney movie in our DVD player or perhaps watching the Disney channel on our satellite TV.

  • Your family is enjoying themselves in your private cabin so much that before you know it, you have arrived at the Disneyland Hotel!

  • Your chauffeur unloads your luggage, handing it off to the bell hop before wishing you a great stay and says he’ll see you again in a few days as you travel back to the airport or you next destination in Southern California.

If this sounds like the experience you're looking for then we would pleased to give you a custom travel quote. Simply give us a call at 323-464-5000 or fill out the quote form. We look forward to travelling with you soon!

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