7 Best Twitter Accounts For Event Planners

December 24, 2014

- Posted by Charles Hurley

Best Twitter Accounts For Event Planners 

Staying-up-to-date is crucial in every profession, and event planning is no exception. It’s said that with the help of the internet, more content is created within 48 hours than the last 2,000 years! Shuffled in all this web content is tips and tricks to stay relevant in your profession. 


You must find ways to easily and efficiently filter through the noise and find the content that is helpful - that’s where social media comes in. Use your Twitter account to follow thought-leaders in the event planning industry. You never know when you’ll run across something on Twitter that will inspire you, or change your career forever.

At Brilliant, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the leading wedding and event planners in the country on some distinguished, high-profile events. In doing so, we’ve been able to watch the genius and artistry.


I personally follow these 7 Twitter handles to stay-up-to-date with the event planning industry because we pride ourselves on understanding who our clients are, so we can provide custom solutions to their problems.



7 Twitter Handles All Event Planners Should Follow




Julius Solaris runs this account and continually provides great content for his followers. The Event Manager Blog is broken down cleanly so you can filter through different topics such as technology, inspiration, social media etc.. Overall I think this is one of the most helpful resources out there for event planners. A must-follow. 






Event Industry News









I recommend this account because it gives event planners a different perspective. Based in the UK, they provide content that might cover some issues you may not have otherwise heard of. Also very useful for international event planners. 






Colin Cowie









Colin really needs no introduction. His design is world famous and following his Twitter account will give you great ideas. Hopefully, it will inspire you to design remarkable events of your own. Another must-follow.




Jeff Hurt









Jeff’s core is in planning conferences and meetings. If you’re planning one those two things on a regular basis then please look to Jeff first. 




Preston Bailey








 Big name. Extravagant Events. Exquisite design. Over the last 30 years Bailey has built himself up to be one of the best in the business. Tap into his goldmine of helpful information by following him on Twitter where he regularly shares his blog posts and answers questions. 







Again, another great resource for corporate planners specializing in meetings and conferences. Smart Meetings is one of the best sources for tips and tricks as many of their posts are from industry insiders.






David is another huge name. He has a popular TV show, 7 books, and plenty of product lines. If you plan big weddings, then David is your guy. Follow his Twitter to find inspiration on wedding planning and design.





Executive Oasis Intl


Anne Thornley-Brown will never fail you when it comes to consistent and resourceful content. On average she posts FIVE blogs per week. Follow her on Twitter so you can learn as much as possible while staying up-to-date.



The fact that you’ve landed on this blog proves how much information is out there for you to consume in order to be successful. If you’d like to stay up to date with Brilliant’s content then please subscribe to our blog above. 


If you’re a serious event planner and you’ve found that event transportation can be a major variable in the success of your event, then download our free eBook: 5 Problems with Event Transportation to find ways to avoid those pains.


Be brilliant!

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