How To Create Interesting Blogs in Under 10 Minutes

August 04, 2015

- Posted by Richard Fertig



You're a busy entrepreneur, and you're always on the go - so how do you find time to blog?

So I've done a fair amount of research on options and am very much intrigued by a test I'm conducting today: using Apple Dictation as a solution.


Using Apple Dictation as a Solution

If I could use dictation when I'm sitting in my Mercedes Sprinter Van (my mobile office) between meetings, I could dictate interesting and worthwhile blogs for others to read.


"A Tremendous Productivity Gain"

The blog that you are reading now is being written via the Apple dictation service and edited in Apple Pages. Although the dictation is not perfect, and I find I have to speak more slowly and clearly enunciating my words carefully, it is a great timesaver and quite convenient.

In fact, I can write a 300 to 500-word blog in just a few minutes which is a considerable time saving with tremendous productivity gain versus sitting at a computer and thinking about writing.

In short, I use Apple microphone enabled headphones so I am operating hands-free which is quite convenient.  You speak your thoughts and say words for grammar purposes such as "comma", "period", and "new paragraph" to start new paragraphs. 


To be fair, I was unable to figure out how to do that last sentence via dictation, so I manually entered it in Pages. The integration is quite good where you can just stop dictating and start using the keyboard to edit, correct, add anything that you may need if you don't know how to do it via dictation.

On the iPad, which is what I'm currently dictating into there's a small microphone device between the space bar key on the keyboard and the smiley face -  that is how you start the dictation.

Apple Dictation

If you just touch the iPad screen, the dictation stops, and the keyboard emerges allowing you to type, edit, correct anything that you would do during normal typing mode without the use of dictation. To start the dictation again, all you do is touch the microphone again and speak slowly and clearly into it.  

Apple Dictation


"A Time Saving Solution"

I have found the dictation to be very accurate and a great timesaver. After the dictation is complete, I reread the blog and corrected some missing grammar, capitalized certain letters, and formatted a few items. In short this saved me considerable time, and I believe is written much more in the way that I think versus writing a blog.

So in a nutshell this is a terrific solution for me, and I anticipate using it and getting more familiar with the commands and shortcuts and embracing this form of blogging going forward.  I hope this has been helpful for you and will save you time while you are on the go. 


What is your experience with blogging? What tools work/ don't work for you? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thank you for your time and interest.

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