The Best Meet and Greet Services at LAX Airport (reviews/ratings)

April 11, 2014

- Posted by Ryan Scott

Meet and Greet Services LAX

For executives and busy professionals, having a great meet and greet service when they land at an airport is essential to their travel plans. When landing at LAX in Los Angeles, the vast airport terminals, crazy baggage claim, and large crowds can make getting your luggage and finding transportation a major problem.

Since we’re an upscale executive transportation company based in Los Angeles, we’re often called upon by our clients to offer meet and greet service at LAX. While we like to think our well-trained staff as the best, we realize we’re not the best fit for doing business with every traveler. This article will offer honest reviews of the best meet and greet providers in the Los Angeles area, specifically for LAX airport.

Reviewing the Five Best Meet and Greet Services in Los Angeles

Having a professional meet and greet service can save you time and effort, allowing them to fight the crowd at the baggage claim, and escort you directly to your car or limousine afterwards. Not to mention, it’s always nice when you’re greeted by a friendly face and escorted by a professional that knows the terminals, baggage claims, and city like the back of their hand.


What is Meet and Greet Service

The most common type of meet and greet service at airports is provided by transportation companies. Usually, the chauffeur will park the limo or luxury van, and wait for the client near the baggage claim. After collecting the client’s baggage, the chauffeur then escorts the client back to the vehicle, and off they go.

In some situations, especially in inclement weather, the client may request a meet and greet service in additional to a chauffeur, allowing for the client to be picked up at the door rather than walking to the parking garage. When it’s bitterly cold, or raining, being able to go straight from the baggage claim and into the limousine is most desirable. Although, at LAX, experiencing bitter-cold may never be a problem.

Reviewing the Best Services for LAX Airport

Empire CLS

Empire CLS is one of the largest limousine companies in the world, and offer meet and greet in the airport. If you’re looking for professional services with a limousine company that won’t be too expensive, Empire could be one of the best choices you could make.

RML Airport Concierge Services

RML is one of the services that will make the more exclusive traveler happy. They offer not only a meet and greet service upon arrival, but they provide a departure service as well. They will meet you curbside at the airport and help you get your ticket, expedite your security clearance, and get you to your flight as quickly as possible. If you hate the check in process, RML may become your travel savior.

Gateway Meet and Greet 

Gateway’s special services is another company that offers arrival and departure meet and greet. Gateway also has recently launched their own chauffeur service, that can provide your transportation as well. While their expertise is more centered to serving you in the airport processes, booking their chauffeur service can also be a boon if you want a simple shuttle quickly.

ITS Limo 

ITS is a premier company that has offered transportation services for large scale events and high profile shows in Los Angeles. Along with their superior limousine service, they offer meet and greet at LAX. They will customize the type of service they provide based on each clients needs. So, if you want a reliable, professional limousine service along with an arrival meet and greet, ITS is a great company to consider.

Omega Limousine 

Omega limousine offers limo service to LAX, Burbank and also Long Beach. They are a more affordable company for the budget-conscious traveler, and will also meet you in baggage claim or provide you with curbside service as well. If you’re traveling on a tight budget but still desire a reliable limo company that will assist you in the airport, Omega is worth checking out.


Getting the Best Service

At Brilliant, we’ve made a commitment to provide the highest quality service for our clients. We don’t compare our service or our pricing with other companies, we simply focus on setting the highest standard of customer service possible.

We’ve also written an article reviewing limousine companies in Los Angeles that offer meet and greet services. If you’re simply looking for transportation that will meet you inside the airport, this article might be interesting for you to read.

We would love to be able to serve you at LAX airport in Los Angeles. However, with our premium pricing and 5-Star service, we realize we’re not going to be the best fit for everyone. If we’re not a good fit for your needs, one of these five companies will be able to provide you with the service you need at the price you are comfortable with.

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