The Best Way to Travel to Ithaca, New York and Cornell University

February 06, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek

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When many consumers think about limousine service, usually associate it with a night out on the town or going to wedding, but don’t realize that you can also book limousine service to take you from one city to the next. Indeed, using a limousine service for an intercity transfer is a luxurious way to travel and in many ways offers more convenience than flying private.

If you’re traveling less than 200 miles, a direct car trip is fairly competitive with flying time wise if you factor in getting to the airport, parking, waiting for your flight, etc. Generally if your destination if more than 300 miles, time wise and cost wise, flying might be the better option. But for some customers, it’s more about the the journey than how fast you get there.

We get many requests for service to Boston and Washington D.C. In addition, many of our clients ask us about transfers to upstate New York.  Ithaca in particular is a popular destination that our clients ask about for college visits. 

The Best Ways to Get to Ithaca, New York

Obviously being in the limo business, we think taking a limo would be a good way to go, but this may not always fit every customer’s needs, so there are other options you could consider.

Public Transportation to Cornell in Ithaca

Ithaca is a about a 4-5 hour drive from New York City, so the most obvious alternative would be to consider taking a flight. A flight to Ithaca would only take about 75 minutes and a last minute ticket might cost you around $400. Plus you have to consider your transportation to and from the airport at both locations, which adds time and expense.

Taking Amtrak is also a possibility, but there isn’t a direct train connection from New York City to Ithaca, you have to de-train in Syracuse and then take an airport shuttle from Syracuse to Ithaca. I really like the extra elbow room you get on the train, as well as their cafe car service!

Of course for the price conscious there is always the bus. Greyhound and Coach USA (Shortline service) offer a regular schedule of trips to Ithaca from NYC and to other points upstate as well. Also, if you happen to be visiting Cornell University, the school also offers its own executive bus service from its NYC campus (called Campus to Campus Express). Contact the school for details.

There are many good public transportation options to Ithaca as mentioned above, and there is always the option to drive yourself, whether in your own car or in a rental. However, many people choose not to drive themselves for various reasons, if they are from out of state or perhaps just don’t want to deal with that and would rather have someone drive for them.

Using a Limousine Service To Get to Cornell University

This is where looking at a car service or limousine service might be a worthy consideration, particularly if having a luxurious and comfortable trip and not cost are your main concerns. Certainly having door to door service in a chauffeured vehicle can be wonderfully convenient and enjoyable. That way your trip is on your schedule and you make take whatever route or make as many stops as necessary.

The next step to consider would be what type of chauffeured vehicle would suit your needs the best. Again, there are many options and cost levels you could choose from.

For basic limo service, the least expensive option would be a black sedan service, like a Lincoln Town Car. This would be suitable for up to 3 passengers and a moderate amount of luggage. This type of service is usually billed hourly and not by the mileage; the cost in NYC averages around $50 per hour. For a long inter-city trip however, see if you can negotiate a flat rate before you leave on your trip.

Just remember that for a long road trip that takes a limo vehicle hundreds of miles away from its regular service area, you may have to pay the hourly charge (travel time) for both the away and return legs of your trip, even if your journey is only one-way.

Your more luxurious limo options would be for larger vehicles, like an SUV, stretch limo or even a luxury imported sedan like a Mercedes 550 or Audi A8. This would be comparable to your business class and first class travel in terms of price. Obviously your first consideration in choosing a vehicle/price type is the number of passengers going. The SUVs are generally good for up to 6-7 passengers and stretch limos can also accommodate 6-10 passengers generally.

A Luxury Van: The Ultimate Luxury Road Experience to Ithaca, NY

One final option you might like is going with a luxury van reservation. This is a new and emerging category in the limousine business and it works great for small groups, and also for 1-2 passenger as well for those who are interested in having the ultimate luxury experience in a chauffeured vehicle.

Brilliant Transportation has fleet of Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans which offer a first class luxury experience. We have luxury vans that seat a total of 7 or 9 passengers. Both models offer reclining captains chairs with stowaway desks and foot rests. These vehicles are extremely comfortable for long road trips such as the route to Ithaca. They also offer standing room inside with 6’3” head clearance and hardwood flooring, two flat screen TVs with DirecTV and many other entertainment options.

For a long road trip, these vehicles allow you reclaim lost time in transit with friends or business associates because they so easily function as a mobile office or lounge. You won’t find a more comfortable and convenient way to travel!

If you’re interested in traveling with us, we would be delighted to give you a quick quote here. If our premium pricing of one of these luxury vans doesn’t work with your budget this time, you can always choose one of the lower priced options mentioned above.

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