Hone: Fund The App That Ends Things Lost (Like Keys)

July 19, 2012

- Posted by Richard Fertig


The latest Kickstarter project to draw warranted attention sets out to solve an age-old problem -- "where did I put my keys!?" Imagine all you need is a Bluetooth keychain and an iPhone app, and that common moment of panic is an immediate thing of the past...

Hone uses an interface that both points and changes colors to indicate whether or not you're "getting warmer." Simple, smart, universal. And perfect for a whole host of oft-lost objects. In fact, by way of crowdsourcing, the app is undergoing constant revision, quickly becoming a must-have find-anything-of-importance concept. Fingers crossed that we see this on the market sooner than later!



[via FastCo.Design]

Topics: Technology

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