How Much Does a Limo Cost From Los Angeles to Big Bear?

December 09, 2014

- Posted by Charles Hurley

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We have clients come to us all the time wanting to get a limo from Los Angeles to Big Bear/Lake Arrowhead. And the first question they normally ask is, “how much does a limo cost from LA to Big Bear?


Our blog’s motto is You Ask, We Answer so here we are. 


Below you’ll find some of the most popular limo options from LA to Big Bear. Just make sure you don't automatically go with the cheapest one. As the old adage goes, "You get what you pay for." 


Standard Stretch Limos 6-20 Passengers


The level of service is what will ultimately determine the cost of renting a standard stretch limo, but you can expect anywhere from $500-$950 one way


However, these stretch limos typically aren’t offered during the winter season, and for good reason. The long wheel-base of these vehicles makes trips in the snow extremely dangerous . If you find companies that are offering stretch limo service around this time of year, then I would use extreme caution. 


Helpful Tip: Airbnb has become very popular as an alternative to motels on the mountain. Also, remember to bring firewood up the hill with you as it can be hard to come by once you're there.


A safer option is taking a sport SUV. These vehicles typically seat 6 passengers and provide decent trunk space for your ski/snow equipment. 



Executive Sport SUVs


Expect to pay between $325-$700 one way when you book an SUV from LA to Vegas. Obviously there's a big difference between a Ford Explorer and a Cadillac Escalade, but again qulaity of service plays a major role on cost.


While SUVs are certainly a safe option for getting to the mountains, they do lack comfort, productivity, and an experience. 


That’s why so many people are choosing to charter luxury Sprinter Vans from Los Angeles to Big Bear. These vans simply provide more value and more experience to families/groups looking to enjoy a few days at Bear Mountain or Snow Summit.


Chauffeured Luxury Sprinter Vans


Brilliant Transportation pioneered the way for custom Mercedes Sprinter Vans back in 2010, and every winter we provide clients with premium chauffeured luxury transportation to and from Big Bear Mountain/Lake Arrowhead.


Here’s a few key benefits of traveling in a Brilliant Mercedes Sprinter Van: 


  • 6’3’’ standing room 
  • Large trunk capacity
  • Snow tires for your safety
  • Trained chauffeurs capable of handling inclement weather conditions
  • Detailed vehicles inside and out


Brilliant currently offers two flat rates for chartering chauffeur van service from LA to Big Bear/Lake Arrowhead. Each Sprinter Van configuration offers a different custom experience. Check out the two vehicle video tours below to get a better idea of why it's far superior to a limousine or SUV. 



1) Brilliant Van - 7 Passengers

Flat Rate: $1,100 one way



2) Brilliant Sprinter - 14 Passengers

Flat Rate: $745 one way

Our prices are higher than most limo companies based on, not only the level of amenities we provide, but also the level of service all our clients receive. At Brilliant, when our clients charter a luxury van they receive an experience, not mere transportation.


Whether you choose a limo service or luxury van service, make sure you weigh all the options and make a decision based on the experience your family or group desires while traveling.


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