How Much Does a Limo Cost From NYC to Atlantic City?

December 30, 2014

- Posted by Charles Hurley

Limo Cost From NYC to Atlantic City

Atlantic City's gaming and beach resort are still a popular draw for many New York City residents. Sure, maybe it's a little beyond it's glory days, but the area still offers some of the best gaming and beach resort options in the Northeast. It's also a great place for NYC residents to get away and celebrate, which normally entails a need for some type of chauffeured service. As such, we normally get the question, "how much does a limo cost from NYC to Atlantic City?"

To make your life a little easier, I've provided some different options below for chauffeured service from New York City to Atlantic City along with some pros and cons. 


Standard Stretch Limos 6-20 Passengers

The level of service is what will ultimately determine the cost of renting a standard stretch limo, but you can expect anywhere from:

  • $500  -  14 passengers 
  • $900  -  20 passengers  


These prices are for one way excursions so you can expect $1,000-$1,800 plus gratuity for a round-trip.


However, the NYC limo market is very diluted and it's hard to distinguish which limo company will actually provide you with your desired experience. You'll want to take some time and research customer reviews on sites like Yelp.


Pros of riding in a standard stretch limo:

  • Slightly cheaper than other chauffeured service options
  • Ability to travel in a large group
  • Face to face interaction


Cons of riding in a standard stretch limo:

  • Inadequate head room
  • Small trunk capacity for luggage
  • Inability to move around while on the road
  • Sometimes has a 'high school prom' feel
  • Difficulty parking usually results in being dropped off a few blocks from your destination


That's why I recommend a customized Mercedes Sprinter Van if you're looking for a premium luxury experience while traveling to and from Atlantic City.


Chauffeured Luxury Sprinter Vans

Brilliant Transportation pioneered the way for custom Mercedes Sprinter Vans back in 2010, and year-round we provide clients with premium chauffeured luxury transportation to and from Atlantic City, NJ.


Here’s a few key benefits of traveling in a Brilliant Mercedes Sprinter Van: 

  • 6’3’’ standing room 
  • Large trunk capacity 
  • Luxurious leather captains seats
  • Highly trained chauffeurs
  • On-board catering
  • Detailed vehicle before every excursion


Brilliant currently offers flat rates on all 4 Sprinter Van configurations for chartering chauffeur van service from New York City to Atlantic City. Each layout offers a different custom experience. Check out the four vehicle video tours below to get a better idea of why it's far superior to a limousine. 



1) Brilliant Luxury Van - 7 Passengers

 Flat Rate: $1,100 one way


2) Brilliant Executive Van - 9 Passengers

Flat Rate: $1,100 one way 

3) Brilliant Corporate Van - 13 Passengers

Flat Rate: $1,100 one way


4) Brilliant Sprinter - 14 Passengers

Flat Rate: $850 one way


Our prices are higher than most limo companies based on, not only the level of amenities we provide, but also the level of service all our clients receive. At Brilliant, when our clients charter a Sprinter luxury van they receive an experience, not mere transportation.


Whether you choose a limo service or luxury van service, make sure you weigh all the options and make a decision based on the experience your family or group desires while traveling.


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