How Much Does A Limo From San Diego to LAX Cost?

May 20, 2015

- Posted by Stephen Chapek

Limo Cost From San Diego to LAX

There are many reasons why a client would prefer ground transportation over flying. For distances of under 300 miles, if you’re flying commercial, it can actually be quicker to take ground transportationIf San Diego is on your Southern California itinerary for an upcoming visit, then you’re in luck! Brilliant Transportation has you covered.

We base our rates from Los Angeles to San Diego and vice versa on the average time it takes our vehicle to cover the distance between San Diego and LAX and then return back to its base. This is known as garage to garage pricing and it is an industry standard. 

How Much Does a Limo From San Diego to LAX Cost?


Brilliant offers several different flat rates to San Diego, based on the type of vehicle in which you wish to travel. 

The best way to travel is to use our flagship vehicle, the Brilliant Van, a custom luxury converted Mercedes Sprinter Van outfitted to be a mobile office/living room on wheels.

But we also can offer service in our standard 14 passenger Sprinter Van for medium sized groups, or Escalades for the smallest groups.

Our transfer rates to or from San Diego to Los Angeles are as follows:

Of course if you have plans for a more complex chauffeur San Diego travel schedule, then just a one-way transfer might not cover your needs. But there’s no problem here as all of our vehicles offer hourly rates as well, for as long as you need!

Consider yourself in a Brilliant Van:

  • It’s Friday and you’re ready to spend the weekend in America’s Finest City with friends or family, perhaps anticipating an exciting sailing excursion.

  • You're delighted as you open the front door to find a custom Mercedes Sprinter Van in your driveway, with a Brilliant Chauffeur ready to grab your bags and whisk you away

  • You recline in a luxurious captain’s chair, help yourself to refreshing drink, turn on the satellite TV to your favorite channel or hook up your playlist to the surround sound

  • You're enjoying the panoramic views of the coastline so much that before you know it - you've arrived at LAX

  • The chauffeur wishes you an great weekend and confirms when and where he will pick you up on Sunday. 

Sounds like a plan?

If you ready to move forward to book your San Diego luxury transportation excursion, then we would be pleased to customize a quote specifically for you. Simply give us a call at 323-464-5000 or fill out the quote form. We look forward to welcoming you on board soon.


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