How to Find the Best Chauffeured Luxury Van Service in New York City

March 31, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek

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As the luxury and hospitality industries continue to evolve, consumers are being offered new products and service all the time, in order to cater to our increasingly busy schedules and ever more digitally interconnected lives.

But what’s new in executive transportation? Are limousine companies up to task of meeting these new challenges? Many forward looking companies are doing just that, by helping you be more productive while you’re on the road. One new product in the industry that helping client’s with their need for on-the-go productivity is the emergence of the luxury van. Luxury vans, because of their size and layout are particularly well suited to serving as mobile offices, especially when they offer the same on-board connectivity that you would expect in a stationary one.

Finding the Best Luxury Van Service in New York

Brilliant Transportation is the leader in the field of reclaiming time lost in transit, by equipping their luxury vans to act as mobile offices. And busy executives are taking note! As Brilliant Transportation is becoming an important niche player in this industry, many potential clients have contacted us to inquire: what is the best luxury van service in New York City? Well, before we answer that question with an obvious answer, it is a good idea to explore the category in further detail to understand what makes a good limousine or van service worthwhile.

What Makes Great Limo Van Service?

First off, it’s important to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to chauffeured transportation solutions. There are just too many different vehicles types and different transportation needs for everything to be covered by one company. Some companies only focus on providing short trips with black car service whereas others may focus on group transportation using large buses; yet others will focus on the personal/retail market with wedding and prom service, and still others will offer only executive transportation in the corporate sphere.

Despite the differences in approach, what all good limousine and van service companies share in common are providing top-notch customer service. You might think that goes without saying, but some companies do a better job at this than others.

What use is finding the right vehicle and a vendor who you think is a good match when they fail when it comes to providing good service? Beyond the superficial aspect of smiles and handshakes, good customer service is ultimately about exceeding expectations in fundamental ways for the job at hand.  Did you last transportation company arrive on time; was the chauffeured prepared, did he know where he was going; was the vehicle spotless?

The Key To Great Customer Service

Companies don’t provide excellent customer service by accident. In order to become a well-oiled machine, there is plenty of training and preparation involved. It starts by hiring the best possible staff members and drivers, but that in only the beginning. Good habit have to be instilled and practiced, over and over, just like in professional athletes. Companies that are on the ball will have ongoing driver training programs as well as a comprehensive quality control program to check reservation and vehicle errors before they happen, as well as be able to review problems that occur during trips immediately.

Premium Van Service: More Than Just a Van

As I mentioned before, luxury van service is a terrific option for high end customers who need the functionality of a mobile office space, or also for clients who would like to have a convivial vehicle environment for a personal celebration or other social event.  Also the size and functionality of van works with just about any type of reservation or occasion that you could think of.

The interesting thing about luxury vans is that there isn’t a standard model that’s used in the industry; each company is free to customize their own model, so it can be a little tricky to compare vehicles from different companies. Seating arrangements can vary for example. I’ve seen ultra deluxe models that seat only 4 passengers (in incredible comfort!) to ones that seat up to 12, which is almost approaching the capacity of a minibus.

Usually luxury vans are based on standard 14 or 15 passenger van models, only they’ve been totally redone inside and out to create a completely new type of vehicle. The passenger vans which are frequently used by limousine companies are standard factory vehicles that offer few extra comforts.

They are simply practical transports that work great for small group runs to the airport or for hotel drop offs. The most frequently used models in the category are the Ford E-Series Wagon (van) and the Chevrolet Express. Also gaining in popularity  is the Mercedes Sprinter van, which adds a larger and taller sized van to the segment, as well as much needed cache.

But consumers who are familiar with standard passenger vans and think in those terms when referring to luxury vans are mistaken. Luxury vans may be using the same vehicle platform but the end result is completely different. When dressed up with custom paint jobs (even if in standard livery black), tinted windows, nice rims and a completely reworked interior, these vans offer a completely different aesthetic and customer experience.

The Brilliant Luxury Travel Experience

Brilliant Transportation is a product specialist when it comes to luxury vans. Our all-Sprinter fleet of Mercedes luxury vans helped re-write the book in the industry when it came to introducing this new category. Not only do our Sprinters offer its class leading headroom with 6’3” and great cargo space, but our passenger cabin is done up like in the inside of a private jet! Tasteful tan colored leather and wood accents are used throughout the cabin. Passengers are comfortably nestled in leather captains chairs that can recline or extend a footrest electrically.

Each seat comes with its own workspace, with a foldaway desk, reading lights and outlets for your personal electronics. Travelers will be entertained by our two large 32” flat screens, fore and aft, supplied with 185 channels of DirecTV or your presentation on our DVD player. There is a mini-fridge and wet bar built into our 7 passenger version (which also comes with a reclining back bench that can double as a bed). The vehicle also comes with a Playstation 3 unit (with hand consoles) and WiFi is standard, as is a premium audio system and an excellent multi-speaker setup.

In short, you’ll feel like royalty, or at least a movie star when you ride in one of these sumptuous vans. These exclusive vehicles are definitely first class and they are priced accordingly. While this choice might not work for every customer, or every occasion, Brilliant can be there when you simply need to have the best in terms of vehicles and customer service.

We stand ready to make your extra ground transportation experience exception. For your custom quote, please contact Brilliant Transportation at 1-800-543-1001.

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