How We Detail Our Vehicles

November 19, 2013

- Posted by Stephen Chapek

detailing luxury transportation

In the luxury transportation business, presentation is key. When clients spend big bucks to book the most advanced and comfortable luxury van on the market, it has to be spotless. In fact, is should feel like it was taken straight from the showroom to their event!

We know what our customers expect and we aim to deliver it, every time. The care and maintenance done on a daily basis makes the difference between an average looking vehicle and an exceptional one.

I have written in recent blogs about how efficiency and exceptional customer service are key values at our company. Attention to detail is another attribute that we believe is key to our success.

Spotless Luxury

It would be hard to find a more concrete or visible example of this philosophy than how we detail our vehicles. We spend a lot of time cleaning and detailing our vehicles because we know it is absolutely essential to exceptional customer experiences.

When you enter a vehicle for the first time, we want you to be delighted in how clean and fresh the interior and exterior are. That positive first impression allows our customers to relax, knowing they will be taken care of.

Our business aims to provide the best quality experience one can have with a luxury transportation provider. If that means our vehicles stay garaged longer and used less frequently because then so be it. The advantage to our loyal clientele is they experience a better, cleaner product.

What we do makes the difference

We don’t focus on a quick turnaround. Instead, we spend time completely detailing our vehicles. After each and every client trip, the vehicle is brought back to base and cleaned top to bottom, inside and out.  

We don’t just focus on the easily gotten, visible areas. Cleaning every nook and cranny is something that makes us Brilliant. Remember, we always do more.

We have two full-time detailers in New York and one in Los Angeles. And we add part-timer help as needed.

Our Detailing Process

detailerWhen we detail our fleet of luxury vans, the first step is to concentrate on exterior body panels, front to rear. Then the trim, the rims and wheels, lights and lastly the windows are cleaned.

After the external is spotless, the detailer empties the trash, wipes down the seats, cleans the wood paneling, interior paneling, ceiling, inside of the widows, the TV screens and other screens, and lastly the floor and carpets.

One of our corporate policies is to implement green strategies throughout the company. We pay special attention to the environment when cleaning our vehicles.

We employ a waterless wash method. In addition to avoiding using harsh chemicals and solvents to clean our vehicles, waste water is one the main negative impacts companies have in commercial cleaning operations.  

We bypass this problem entirely by using a natural based spray-on wax,  all purpose cleaners and soft micro-fiber towels; cleaning our luxury vans by hand. It’s more time-consuming, but the results speak for themselves. Only in extreme cases, where the vehicle is caked in dirt and mud, would we have to use a water sprayer to get the exterior clean.

Our detailers use a small spray bottle to lightly wet each body panel, then wipe using the soft cloth. The same goes with the wheels and windows. There are no real trade secrets here, just some common sense and little bit of research to find the right products for the right application.

We use a simple solution of water and Murphy’s oil soap to clean the interior of our vehicles. It works great on both upholstery and floors. Again, a little bit of solution, soft towels and some elbow grease are the main ingredients to getting our vehicles fresh smelling and clean.

Our no-smoking policy helps us keep our vehicles fresh. For clients who can’t help themselves, we’ll help them to a minimum $200 cleaning fee to work out those noxious odors.

In addition to the daily cleaning routine of our vehicles, we use a heavy marine wax on the body of our vehicles every six weeks or so. This protects the paint and keeps the vehicles looking new.

Certainly, it takes a lot of extra man-hours to keep our fleet looking this good. This is the result of being committed to excellence in business, and providing customers with something more than they are used to from average limo companies.

We don’t believe in being average.

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