Lord Nut Levington Classes Up the Common Peanut

April 05, 2012

- Posted by Richard Fertig


Peanuts tend to be the commoners amongst fellow nuts, but Lord Nut Levington's unique and sophisticated flavors have transformed the bite-sized salties into serious stand-alone soiree snacks. From spicy to sweet, you're guaranteed to find a gourmet flavor to complement a whole range of menus and cocktails... or to just satisfy an adult-snack craving. Lord Nut Levington seasoned peanuts are currently available in these amazing flavors:

Rebel Mary
Spicy Bloody Mary flavor, lemon, celery and pepper

El Cheddarales
Cheddar cheese and jalapeno

Mamma Mia
Tomato, garlic and cheese

Thai Dyed
Thai curry and lemongrass

Apples, cinnamon and vanilla

Sweet Miss Keet
Mesquite smoke and pineapple bbq


[via Uncrate]

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