The Best Way to Plan A Fall Wine Tour

October 02, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek


The last few weeks of summer and the beginning of fall is harvest time for the wine industry. And it’s also the perfect time to take a wine tour! Just before the weather turns cold, it’s a great end of summer excursion that can be enjoyed by family, friends and corporate clients alike.

When considering taking a wine tour, arranging transportation, especially with a small to medium sized group is practically a must.

Luxury Fall Wine Tours

It’s just more pleasant to have everyone together in a larger vehicle than trying to coordinate and caravan several private vehicles. With a minibus or van, everyone has a chance to sit together and socialize. And of course, drinking and driving is never a good idea when you plan on visiting more than one winery.


Use Chauffeured Transportation For Your Next Wine Tour

Brilliant Transportation is an exclusive transportation company that specializes in luxury travel. Our customized Mercedes Sprinter Vans and minibuses are the vehicles of choice for high-end clientele throughout the US and are a perfect option for groups thinking about booking a wine tour.


Eastern Long Island Has A Terrific Wine Scene

Many residents and visitors to New York City many not be aware that out on the North Fork of Long Island, there is a thriving wine scene as well as an important production area for the wine grapes in the southern part of the state. 

In the last two decades, in particular, the Long Island wine scene has really exploded, going from an afterthought to an important and increasingly well-regarded regional center of wine making. For a day trip, you will find that there are more wineries and great wines to try than you can fit into a single day of touring the region.


If you’re planning a wine tour in the near future, one the first items of business is to decide how many people are going on your trip, because that will determine what size vehicles to use and how many.



Brilliant Offers A Full Line of Luxury Vehicles, Perfect For Any Sized Group

At Brilliant Transportation, we offer many different luxury vehicle options for small and medium group transportation.

Let’s start with one of our premier vehicles, the 7 passenger Brilliant Van. The Brilliant Van, named after our company is a modified, custom Mercedes Sprinter that has been outfitted like a corporate jet.

The interiors of our custom vans are done in a tasteful tan leather and blond wood color, and once you open the door you’ll be greeted by four large leather captains chairs, which can recline and also offer footrests. All the seat functions are electric of course, and each seat also comes with a foldaway desk, storage space, reading lamps and outlets so you can set up your own workstation or entertainment center if you please.

The Brilliant Vans also come equipped with onboard WiFi, two large screen (32”) TVs with 158 channels of DirecTV, satellite radio by Sirius, DVD player, Sony Playstation and plenty of connectors so you can plug in your own equipment. 



Sprinters Work Best For Small Groups

For slightly bigger parties, Brilliant has 14 passenger Sprinter vans available. These vans are also known as minibuses although they are still technically vans. While the exteriors are the same, the interior comes in standard factory configuration, with several rows to bench seating to accommodate everyone.

While these vans are extremely comfortable and spacious, they do not come with the luxury trappings of the Brilliant Vans. They are more the workhorses of the fleet, doing duty as shuttle vehicle, or as a school bus or also as a corporate transport. They are perfect when used in multiples for even larger groups.

Using several of these 14 passenger vans for a corporate wine tour with 40 guests would be a perfect fit.


The other option you have for groups of over 20 people and when you’d prefer that the group all rides together is to use a mini-coach. We offer two different models, the 28 passenger mini-coach and the 36 passenger mini-coach.

Our coaches are definitely a cut above other, standard mini-coaches. There is also a great on-board entertainment system, with PA and DVD player and a large, flat screen TV in the front, as well as a great stereo system. There are also additional drop down LCD monitors to give each person a clear view of the video presentation. A mobile Wifi router is also available to guests upon request at no additional charge.



Premium Service Puts Us Over The Top

In addition to our outstanding vehicles, what will really impress you is Brilliant’s unmatched level of service and attention to details. 

Would you like to have your bus or van guests served a catered meal on board? We can arrange that for you! Would you like to book a tour guide for your trip, or have an on-site coordinator available to help guests load on or off and make sure the right guests get to the correct vehicle? We will be happy to provide that as well.

If you’re holding a special event at your destination, you might need help planning and timing the arrival of vehicles, make sure all the vehicles can stage on the property, or make sure that parking permits needed are acquired, or that vehicle parking is adequate for the size vehicles you are hiring. We take care of everything for you.

What it comes down to is having a real partner in your transportation vendor who can integrate and contribute to your event team, or party planner. We won’t just show up at the appointed time and forget about all the other preparations or operational details that need to be handled.

We’re in it with you all the way, whether it’s a simple wine tasting tour for 7 people, or a major society wedding for 250+ guests.

Brilliant can do it all and has done it all before. Our outstanding service record and customer satisfaction speak for itself.

If you’d like to find out how Brilliant can make your next excursion or event extraordinary, then simply contact one of our reservations specialist today at 1–800–543–1001 in order to receive your custom quote. We can start planning your adventure right away!

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