The Best Way to Watch The World Cup While Traveling to/from Los Angeles

July 13, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, you’d know that the sporting world has reached fevered pitch with the World Cup going on in Brazil right now. Starting in mid-June with 31 teams, we are now down to the final two holdouts in the beginning of July.

Germany and Argentina, both former World Cup champions, will face each other once again. This is the third time that Germany and Argentina have faced each in a World Cup Final, with more high level match ups than any other two teams in soccer history. So there is a lot on the line between these two teams, as a victory by either one could bolster their claim to be the finest soccer country in the world, Brazil and Italy notwithstanding.

So for all the soccer and sports fans out there, it is understandable that having to miss the World Cup Final because you are traveling by car might be more than a bit upsetting. For those who can’t postpone their travel plans and have to be on the road on Sunday, July 13, what can one do?

When You Just Have To Have Live TV on your Next Trip…

Well, if you plan on traveling with Brilliant Transportation to or from Los Angeles, we have a handy solution for you. Our 7 passenger luxury van, the Brilliant Van comes equipped with satellite TV, provided by DirecTV. So watching the game on ESPN while going down the road won’t be any problem at all.

Many of our clients use the Brilliant Van in Los Angeles to do long distance road trips on the West Coast. For example, Los Angeles to Las Vegas and vice versa is one of our most popular routes, particularly on weekends.

Other long distance trips that we do with regularity are Los Angeles to San Francisco/Bay Area and Los Angeles to Palm Springs/Coachella Valley. These types of long distance road trips lend themselves perfectly to enjoying a long sporting match to while away the hours.

In fact, the Brilliant Van may be a better place than most to watch the game, particularly if you enjoy privacy for yourself and and your party.

Superior Equipment Makes All the Difference!

The Brilliant Van comes equipped with two large flat screen TVs (32”) one forward and the other aft. We included two screens front and back because we have seating that face both forwards and backwards in this vehicle.

The Brilliant Van includes 4 comfortable captain’s chairs that face each other, while a rear bench can comfortably seat an additional 3 adults or lay flat like a bed. The salon type seating arrangement is great for facilitating face to face conversations and entertaining.

In addition to the satellite TV equipment the luxury vans also come equipped with on-board WiFi and satellite radio. There is also a Sony PlayStation with remote consoles on board for the gamers in case they aren’t interested in watching the soccer game. All in all the vans have a tremendous entertainment package to cover a whole range of entertainment scenarios.

The vans are also great for work situations as well because each seat comes with its own stowable hardwood desktop on which you can place your laptop, i-Pad or other personal device. Each seat also has its own household electric outlet for those plug-in as well as an individual reading light.

Don’t Forget to Have Outstanding Customer Service!

In addition to the tremendous comfort and convenience offered the passengers of the Brilliant Van, such as being able to watch a live soccer match during your trip, our company also brings other benefits that few other operators can match. While there are many little perks one could mention, the main benefits of using Brilliant Transportation boils down to having superior customer service skills and offering outstanding job performance.

In other words, when you have a really important, business or personally critical trip, one where you can’t afford to to be late, miss out, or otherwise suffer a failure, then you need to consider Brilliant Transportation. We operate with absolute efficiency. We understand that all of our clients are VIPs, that they are paying top dollar in order to afford a service that won’t let them down. And that’s what we deliver.

All too often, the experience of riding in a fantastic limo vehicle can be compromised by poor to mediocre service. And if that’s the case, you or your guests won’t be thinking about the great time you had in the luxury van or whatever, but instead of all the mistakes that were made or the fact that you were late to your event.

That’s why working with a seasoned professional transportation operator, and one who really understands the customer service business will make all the difference for your next long distance reservation.

We Can Handle Any Special Request

In addition to our top notch service and operations, we also entertain all special requests, no matter how big or small. We take pride in going the extra mile for the customer where other service providers don’t bother. For example: need on-board catering for your trip? We can handle that! Are you using on the vans for a commercial promotion? We allow vehicle wrapping and logo placement on our vehicles when the customer requests it.

It is all part and parcel of placing the customer’s needs and interests first. Brilliant Transportation is all about providing the best for the best and making sure your next trip on the road is an extraordinary occasion, regardless of its purpose or destination.

And if that next trip happens to require being able to watch the World Cup, or whichever sporting or cultural event is most important to you; we have you covered!

To find out more how Brilliant Transportation can make your next trip memorable. Contact us online or at 1-800-543-1001.

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