The Best Way to Watch the World Cup While Traveling to/from NYC

July 13, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek


In case you haven’t noticed, World Cup Fever is currently gripping the globe and enthusiastic crowds are following their team in locations throughout the world! It’s a great time to throw any themed private or corporate events surrounding futbol mania, or even if your event is not sports related, enjoying a game with a crowd can be a great way to entertain a group and bond together.

With the final game  coming up on Sunday July 13 between the powerhouse teams of Germany and Argentina, all eyes will be on the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro to see who will emerge victorious.

In some cases, people may already have their travel plans set on this day. Perhaps they’re going to a company event, or attending a wedding or even coming back from the Hamptons to New York City. For these people, and for the soccer fans among them, there could be anxiety raised about having to miss the big final, just because they have to be on the road.

How do I watch the World Cup while traveling to or from New York City on Sunday?

But have no fear, Brilliant is here! We have a solution for all of these groups traveling on the road on Sunday. If they were to book one of our Brilliant Vans, whether the 7 passenger luxury van or our 9 passenger Executive Van,  they would have no problem watching the game on Sunday.

Our luxury vans were built with a high-end clientele in mind, to do luxury charter trips for upscale corporate events and private parties. With their high gloss painted exteriors and extremely stylish and comfortable interiors, with full leather seating and a polished hardwood floor to stand on, these vans create a premium environment that any small group  would really enjoy on their next outing.

Of course as part of the premium equipment on board, the luxury vans also come equipped with a large screen TV in the front, behind the driver so that everyone  can see. The vehicles also come equipped with satellite TV, provided by DirecTV and Sirius satellite radio, which give the passengers a full range of entertainment options, including watching the World Cup Final on ESPN.  The vans are also equipped with WiFi on demand as well for our business and leisure travelers alike.

In the 7 passenger Brilliant Van, we have seating facing both forwards and backwards, so to accommodate the 2 backward facing passengers, we put a large flat screen TV on the rear wall as well.   High end speakers also fill the passenger cabin so that the volume won’t be a problem either.

So regardless of your group’s destination on Sunday, even if they are going to another sports related event, no one will have to miss out on the exciting World Cup Final. With such comfortable seating, air-conditioning and a fantastic audio-video set up, sports fans will be able to enjoy the game as much as if they were going to their own private movie studio to watch the game in ideal surroundings.

And while you may say that many high-end vehicles offer satellite TV on a big screen, it’s not that unique a feature, there are many other equally important reasons to choose Brilliant Transportation to provide your group transportation.

While it is true that many luxury vehicles now do provide on-board satellite TV, what none of these other  vehicles  have is Brilliant’s singular commitment to superior customer service and our flawless job performance when it comes time to get your group to it’s destination, on time, in comfort and safety.

These superlative luxury vans and fine service do cost a bit more than average to put on for the customer, which is why they’re known as luxury rides.

And while it is possible to find a cheap van service, just like you might find a cheap car service, the savings can be quite illusory if you don’t receive the customer service you were expecting, and it damages the perception of the event among the guests.

Worse yet, you might be working with a company with substandard performance, and their goof up could blow up the whole reservation if your guests miss the start time of their event, or the driver gets lost.

So when you want to put on a quality event, it is also important to seek out and use a quality provider. Seamless transportation can be worth quite a lot to your event or transfer when the smooth operation and deft handling of your trip adds a certain glow to the whole event.

Certainly mediocre transportation service can be forgettable. But really bad service won’t be forgotten by the guests or the host. So is is definitely worth it to work with a seasoned transportation expert when planning and executing your special event.

Brilliant Transportation also goes above and beyond most other luxury van and car services by offering plenty of choices and values when it comes to special requests.

For example, might you need gourmet food and beverage catering for your group while you are underway? Most limousine companies won’t touch that assignment.

But Brilliant Transportation makes it look easy, and we make an ordinary experience seem extraordinary by adding those extra touches and delighting our clients. Other unusual requests, like special uniforms for a themed event, or even wrapping the vans with graphics or company logos are all requests that we’re happy to entertain.

When it has to be done right, and failure is not an option, choose Brilliant Transportation for your group transport needs!

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