Why the Mercedes Sprinter Van is Best for a Book Tour

April 18, 2014

- Posted by Ryan Scott


At Brilliant, we field a lot of questions from folks who are looking for transportation for a specific purpose other than simple point-to-point transfers. The questions often start with, “this is a weird request, but van you do this?”

Let me put your mind at ease, there are no weird requests in the transportation business, especially at Brilliant. We handle a lot of multi-day trips for people taking college tours or roadshows, and book tours are one of the types of trips we love to provide our author clients.

What is the Best Vehicle for a Book Tour?

Four our clients that have used us for a book tour, they came to us looking for a unique vehicle. Book tours are hard work, there are speaking engagements, book signings, and a myriad of other events authors are ushered to, one after the other.

When you’re on the road for hours between these events, you need comfort most of all. Being able to relax and unwind between events in crucial to keeping your sanity!

Our clients come to us when they are unhappy with the choices they are finding elsewhere:

  • Limousines

Limousines are horrible for book tours simply because there’s not a lot of room. Getting in and out of a limo can be a pain, all stooped over and crawling. Many limos have a large hump down the middle of the floor for the drive train to reach the rear axle. This makes moving around inside the cabin a clumsy, frustrating endeavor.

  • Sedans

Sedans can be comfortable, but not roomy. Also, the seats are never comfortable for napping or stretching out. Plus, if you have to do some work or catch up on e-mails between stops, a sedan just doesn’t offer you the space you need to get the job done.

  • Executive SUVs

Many authors choose to take SUVs. They offer more luggage space and room than sedans, and they aren’t quite as low to the ground as limousines. However, the same problems in getting comfortable for relaxation are found in SUVs.

Why Authors Love the Brilliant Sprinter Van

After they’ve exhausted their search to find a better vehicle for their book tour, they come to us wanting to experience our Brilliant Van. The differences in doing a book tour in our custom Sprinter compared to regular transportation is like night and day. I know I’m biased but have you ever seen inside?

Each Sprinter comes with large screen televisions hooked to a media console and 185 channels of DirecTV. There’s wifi, and retractable desks with power outlets for working. And, most importantly, each captains chair reclines and has a retractable footrest, allowing you to get absolutely comfortable during your trip.

The Brilliant Van

This option is for smaller groups, ideal for 4 travelers. It does seat 7 with a 3rd row bench, but the four captains chairs face each other for a real living room feel. For longer trips, this van will make you feel at home as you leave the work up to the driver and relax.

The Executive Van

This option can fit a few more people in the luxury seating as it has 9 captains chairs. Each chair is facing the front, and instead of 2 large screen televisions, there is one in the front. Again, each chair is equipped with a retractable desk, power outlets, reading lights, and the most comfortable setup for traveling.

One downside to the Executive Van is the luggage space compared to the Brilliant Van. Since it’s designed as a mobile board room or office, luggage space is limited in this model.

The 14 Passenger Sprinter

While this van isn’t customized in any way, and it doesn’t come with the wow amenities of the other versions, it’s still a swanky ride with enough room for 14 people and an absolutely huge luggage capacity.

Which Luxury Van is Best for a Book Tour?

This really depends on the experience you’re wanting while on your book tour. The main reason people who come to us don’t choose to book with us is price, as we are a premium priced van service. We offer only the best, cleanest vehicles and staff the most best-paid, well-trained chauffeurs in the industry.

However, with all that being said, we’re not the best fit for every author looking to tour to promote their book. We’re not the only company that keeps Sprinter vans in our fleet either, so if your budget is a concern, you can find a cheaper company that can at least provide the 14 passenger Sprinter.

However, if you are looking for a luxurious time in a premium vehicle with premium customer service, we’re here and excited to build a business relationship with you. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote as you plan your next book tour.

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