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August 08, 2014

- Posted by Stephen Chapek

Executive transportation is an increasingly important service in many spheres of business life for companies today. And all too often, companies are using the same old way of transporting their executives around. These companies are used to using the same, tired old services that are perhaps satisfactory some of the time, but still aren’t really fitting the bill when it comes to providing first class service, adding value and providing something extraordinary to the customer.

Good Corporate Transportation is Hard to Find

Too many times companies have looked around to find a better ground transportation service but haven’t been successful in finding it. There are just so many ‘me-too’ types of limo services in cities across America that in many cases transportation managers have given up hope of finding something better.

Lucky for them, the transportation sector is getting shaken up as new technology, new business models and new competitors are entering the space. While new app hailing services are all the rage, and these do work well for basic, point to point, retail trips, many businesses still need to work with transportation partners they can trust, who can handle large accounts and provide flexible and customizable transportation services for their unique needs.

Brilliant Transportation is in the vanguard of the new wave of corporate transportation, providing exclusive, luxurious and multi-functional vehicles combined with superior service to the meet the needs of our increasingly interconnected world. We are providing a better alternative to captains of industry, celebrities and entrepreneurs who realize that corporate transportation needs to be in active partner in helping increase their productivity and business reach as they travel the world.

But Brilliant Transportation is also more than that. We’re a company that believes in being the best in order to serve the best. Let’s take a look at some of the specific ways in which our clients and potential future clients value the way in which Brilliant does business.

Accuracy and Efficiency Matter!

When dealing with your company’s top management and clients in the transportation realm, great performance and a flawless record are a must. Brilliant can lay claim to both those attributes. We put a premium on efficiency because we understand that all of our important clients demand precision and excellence. Corporate transportation as a business has many moving parts (excuse the pun), but in terms of fulfilling jobs, the process is fairly straightforward. But to be successful, one of the most important attributes to have is a laser like focus on the details. All too often, other companies can get tripped up in not minding the details.

At Brilliant Transportation, we double check and triple check all reservation details before any vehicle garages out for their next trip. In addition, we train our chauffeurs and office staff to the highest standards. All that we do is monitored for accuracy and safety and all operations and vehicle maintenance is overseen in rigorous detail and performed on a regularly scheduled basis as well as an as-needed basis.

In addition to focusing on safety and efficiency, providing outstanding customer service is our number one priority. We are client-centric and we believe that in addition to providing transportation, it is the customer’s experience and needs that define what has to be done as well as being our measurement of success.

Hospitality and Luxury Make the Difference!

We provide a concierge level of service to all of our customers. Using the high-end hospitality business as our model, we believe that transportation should be held to a higher standard and that there is no reason limousine passengers shouldn’t feel like they’re checking into a 5-star hotel when they reserve and board our vehicles.

Our unique fleet of Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans is also what helps set us apart from the competition. We field the finest, most luxurious and multi-functional vans in the industry. While the 14 passenger mini-bus model of Sprinter van is becoming more popular in the livery business, and many companies offer them, our customized, top of the line Sprinters are head and shoulders above the rest of the industry.

All of our luxury vans come with an interior wrapped in fine leather and wood paneling, with a full partition, tinted windows, window shades and full privacy. Our 7-passenger model features four large, adjustable captain’s chairs that face each other, perfect for head to head meetings, as well as a comfortable back bench that can lay flat like a bed. Another important feature, each seat has a stowable hardwood desk top to place your laptop or other device on. Each place also comes equipped with household electric outlets and reading lights so you can remain productive throughout your trip.

On board connectivity is no problem with the mobile WiFi router which is always on. We also feature two large (32”) flat screen TVs both fore and aft that offer 158 channels of DirecTV as well as Sirius satellite radio.

With the busy senior executive’s lifestyle in mind, we have created unique luxury vehicles that also function as a mobile office or a rolling board room. No longer are top managers confined to doing business in their office or even in their satellite offices. With the Brilliant Vans, they can literally take their office with them on the go!

Regardless if you need the extra space in Midtown Manhattan, or at the beach, your private mobile office space is at the ready whenever you are. The Sprinter vans are not just supremely practical but they are extremely luxurious and comfortable at the same time. It’s like never having to leave your hotel suite while you are transported down the road.

Flexibility and Customization Make A Difference

And Brilliant Transportation doesn’t just provide point to point transfers either. We are a full service transportation company, so whether you need a van and a chauffeur for 3 hours or 3 weeks, we can provide the level of service that matches your schedule.

We also excel at performing special events, such as weddings, sales promotions, conventions, road shows, cross-country trips, concert touring, whatever the particular needs of your company are, we can accommodate you. We can do intimate events with just one van and few people as well as scaling up to utilize dozens of vans and buses for events encompassing hundreds of guests needing transportation.

We are experts when it comes to planning complex transportation tours or events and we have worked with some of the biggest names in finance, real-estate and entertainment both in New York and Los Angeles.

What characterizes Brilliant in addition to our first class customer service and peerless luxury vehicles is our willingness to work hand in glove with our clients on difficult and far reaching assignments, as well as cultivating long-term relationships with them, with an eye toward meeting all of their ground transportation needs.

While we are based in New York and Los Angeles, we can also arrange additional transportation nationwide or worldwide, depending upon the specific needs of the client. We are forward thinking and customer centered; we believe in adding value to our client’s business enterprises by being a true partner, taking care of requests both large and small.

You can learn more about our services by contacting one of our reservation specialists either by phone or online.

Give us a call so you can find out how we can be of service and help grow your business by providing the finest in ground transportation. We are a complete ground transportation service solution!

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