A Day in the Life of Brilliant's Founder, Richard Fertig

December 20, 2013

- Posted by Richard Fertig

Richard Fertig

Sunday morning, 07 hundred hours.

This blog post is really just a snapshot of my life as an entrepreneur, and, how I am fully committed and passionate about having a major impact in the quality of our clients’ and employees’ lives. At the same time, it is a brief reflection and affirmation about what we’ve built and what a terrific opportunity we have ahead for our Company as we begin to scale our service and start to tell the world about what we do, how we do it, and why.

I woke up at 6:00am and immediately checked all of my overnight messages, texts and emails. I logged into our custom development platform and checked statuses of automated driver communication to confirm that our technology and systems are performing properly and that all systems are go. We are using technology and creating proprietary systems to operate more efficiently and effectively and the results are incredibly encouraging. I don’t believe anyone else is utilizing these concepts to ensure consistency, reliability, and communication. All of these systems are designed with you top of mind and are incredibly powerful.

Next, I checked our GPS system and discovered that the new trainee chauffeur, who is picking my family up this morning, was early (great!) but was staged about two blocks away from us (not so great). He texted called to inform me he was on location and when he arrived he helped us load all of our ski stuff. However, he did not follow our protocol which is to always get to the location as early as possible in case our clients prefer an early departure.

So, while it was great that he was very early, it wasn’t actually a benefit to my family because he was staged two blocks away waiting to notify me that he was on location. All new chauffeurs are required to drive my family and I and we use them like you would; ‘as directed’ around New York City, to and from the Hamptons, to and from Windham Mountain, etc. This allows the chauffeur to grow into a brilliant chauffeur and for us to assure quality at the same time. As you might imagine, we meet a lot of chauffeurs you never do. As we scale, we continue to perfect our hiring, recruiting, and training and we anticipate Jason who is focused on this full-time will have a major positive impact.

My family and I load into one of our luxury Mercedes Sprinter vans and use our chauffeured service like our clients do. My kids use the different technologies and entertainment systems, as does my wife. Right now, my family is perfectly content watching a DVD while I am using the onboard WiFi to pen this blog and work while we commute to Windham for a day of skiing. We have the trunk loaded with start-of-the-season gear: clothes, helmets, skis, food, etc.; all in the massive ‘walk in closet’ of our luxury vans handle it brilliantly.

So, I must say, I created a terrific service (and we strive to improve daily). Imagine being picked up at your doorstep, greeted with a smile and a helping hand to load tons of luggage, gear and equipment. Then being driven to the ski slopes all the while your family, clients or friends are thoroughly entertained, not wasting even a moment of time. While my family recreates, I find comfort in working and continuing to improve our Company and our chauffeured service.  

This is one small sample of a day in the life of a Brilliant Trainee and the Founder as well. Like I’ve stated previously, our purpose is nothing short of creating a new category: Private Motoring® whereby we delight the most influential people on the planet and allow them to reclaim time normally lost in transit.

Be brilliant.  Go-Brilliant!

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