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March 08, 2014

- Posted by Richard Fertig

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Corporate transportation via luxury shuttles has taken off in Northern California where recruiting top talent is of paramount importance and extremely competitive. Corporations like Google, Oracle, and Genentech have created customized shuttling options as perks to transport their top talent in the most efficient and pain free way as possible.

Clearly these shuttles are an expense, but based on comments, videos, and other public statements, they really work! Employees find the free, comfortable, safe and relaxing shuttles an ideal mode of transportation to and from work. Amenities include WiFi, food and beverage service, fold out desks, reclining seats, and a lot more.

Brilliant’s Custom Corporate Shuttle Solutions

We at Brilliant are 100% committed to introducing similar service for like-minded corporations on the East Coast, bringing top talent in and out of New York City. In fact, for the last 6 months, we’ve been in advanced discussions with a major financial institution custom developing a corporate shuttle that would run between two headquarter locations - one in Manhattan and one in New Jersey. The shuttle will run three times daily departing each location at designated times such as 6:00am, 2:00pm and 6:00pm.

For this particular corporate shuttle service, we designed an incredibly comfortable and spacious “mobile office” environment. The goal was to maximize efficiency, productivity and comfort to reduce the commuting pain. As such, we intentionally placed fewer seats in the bus, placed fixed tables with seats facing each other, like you might find in first class Acela seating, and a bathroom.

The bus is tricked out with every technology imaginable including high speed WiFi, live DirecTV with financial news feeds, electric outlets at every seat, desks, etc. In addition, the bus meets all of the requirements to travel in the high speed lanes to enter and exit New York City and New Jersey tunnels.

We have all of the expertise, relationships and contacts to custom develop a solution for any and all needs. Whether you need to optimize productivity, comfort, or elect to transport more employees per bus, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

The Problem of Corporate Transportation Solved

At Brilliant, we recognize that every corporate shuttle solution requires a thorough discussion and understanding of the problem we are solving. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your needs, your pain points, and the problems you face. In doing so, we are confident we can add value via our insight, knowledge and experience.

I started our Firm because of the frustrations I felt as I traveled the world and sat stuck in traffic wishing I was anywhere but in the car, van or bus. I knew there were solutions and decided to devote my time and energy to provide them.

Entering the luxury corporate shuttle market is extremely exciting, primarily because of the difference we can make. By taking a negative, dreaded experience and turning it into a positive, productive experience, we impact not only on the individuals riding the corporate shuttle but also on the corporation itself.

Having a more excited, upbeat, energized workforce is invaluable. And, providing solutions to broaden your recruiting reach allows you to bring talent to your organization which may have passed without the luxury shuttle.

On our immediate radar are corporations that have headquarters in the suburbs, such as hedge funds located in Greenwich, CT or pharmaceutical companies located in New Jersey. These companies may have difficulty recruiting talent from New York City due to the reverse commute. In addition, there are many companies that have multiple headquarters. Getting employees from one campus to another is difficult and unproductive.

Whatever your needs are, please contact us to discuss our customized approach to creating a productive and enjoyable experience. We can design, build, and create a tremendous perk to offer your talented employees, and this will be a competitive advantage in recruiting top talent to your company.

We look forward to hearing from you and working together!

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