The Three Best Ways to Get to the Hamptons

January 21, 2014

- Posted by Ryan Scott


We have a lot of clients that like to spend their leisure time in the Hamptons, away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle of New York City. If you’re planning on heading to the Hamptons for Labor Day weekend, this article will list the pros and cons of each of the top- ways we’ve found our clients like to travel.

Of course, the “best way” to get to the Hamptons really depends on your personal preferences. Your best travel experience will depend on internal variables like if you get carsick easily or if you’re afraid to fly. External variables like weather or road conditions can also impact your choice.

The Best Ways To Get To The Hamptons

In addition to luxurious accommodations the Hamptons provides, many vacationers like to arrive at their destination in style as well. For the well-heeled, there are many options available to make your trip to the Hamptons a first class event.

Go To the Hamptons By Plane

Some of our clients like to fly into the Hamptons. Depending on where you are traveling from, flying can get you to your destination faster than any other mode of travel, especially to hard-to-reach places like East Hampton. Some even like to fly the short hop from New York City to the Hamptons via a private helicopter or jet. 
There are 3 major airports near the Hamptons; La Guardia, Kennedy, and MacArthur. However, if you’re on a small, private plane or charter aircraft, you can land at the East Hampton airport, saving you a long commute time.

If you’re close to New York City, you can even take advantage of Seaplane charters to the Hamptons.

The downside of going to the Hamptons by plane is the hassle of the trip. The flying time will be faster but you also have to get transportation to and from the airport, go through security checks, load and unload your luggage several times, and even then you’re at the mercy of the weather.

However, flying to the Hamptons can be an exciting way to travel, especially in clear weather. .

Go To the Hamptons By Sea

If you’re near New York or Connecticut and you want to have an adventure, go to the Hamptons by ferry! You can catch the ferry from New London and take a beautiful trip across the water.

This is by far one of the more adventurous ways to get to the Hamptons, but if you’re looking for a relaxing or quick trip, don’t go this route.

The greatest thing about taking a boat is the views. After loading your car onto the ferry, you can get out and walk around to enjoy the beautiful sites. You’ll need your car though because you have to take 4 different ferry’s to get to East Hampton, and each of them require a short drive between ferry terminals.

Get to the Hamptons by Land

If you’re the kind that wants to tune out and enjoy the ride, or if you hate the hassle of air travel, your third option is to go by land. There are several limo services in New York that will take you to your final destination in the Hamptons.

Being chauffeured to the Hamptons is popular with our clients because they like being picked up at home, and taken straight to their house in the Hamptons. They prefer getting into a luxury vehicle and relaxing, or working, while they travel.

At Brilliant, we have many clients who travel to the Hamptons with us exclusively. Our luxury vans have room for all their luggage, even if a large group is traveling. The onboard WiFi and 185 channels of DirecTV make the trip enjoyable and productive, depending on if you prefer to be entertained or catch up on work while you ride.

If you’re interested in our luxury van service, you can request a quote here.

No matter how you get there, the Hamptons offer a gorgeous getaway, any time of the year. You’ll enjoy beautiful sunsets, amazing landscapes and splendid ocean views, and intriguing museums, all in one historic getaway.

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