Coachella - ROCKSTAR transportation from Los Angeles

April 07, 2013

- Posted by Richard Fertig


Many an Angeleno is filled with excitement at the mention of the word “Coachella” - the term brings to mind epic concerts, chilling with friends, and seeing musicians at the top of their game. However, you probably also get freaked out when you realize that you have to deal with the horrendous traffic on the 10 - both in the Coachella Valley and also on the way there.  Not to fear - there’s a Brilliant solution at hand!

Brilliant Transportation’s Mercedes Sprinter Vans provide a smart solution to breeze through the Southland to get to Coachella. After all, getting there should be the last thing on your mind. Your friends will be jealous - they came to Coachella in their pickup trucks and Corollas, while you arrived in your very own private jet on wheels.  This is clearly the best transportation from Los Angeles to Coachella - keep reading and you'll surely agree.

Make the headlining Red Hot Chili Peppers envious as you roll up to chill in the Brilliant Sprinter Van. Arrive in style yourself in the Brilliant Luxury Van. On the way, tune into the 185 channels of on-board DirecTV. Or, is listening is more your game, turn up the XM Satellite Radio. If you prefer, indulge yourself with the on-board bed, perfect for post-concert relaxation or between sets. Stuck in traffic? No worries, you can stay connected to the world via the van’s onboard amenities. The wet bar and fridge on board also both ensure that you are not far away from a cold drink, as well. You won’t have to worry about fitting all of your things on-board, as the walk-in closet in the back of the van ensures that you're able to fit all of your camping gear for the weekend on board. Or, do like many of our clients and use the our Brilliant Luxury Van like your personal retreat or home away from home - hire us for the entire event, put the chauffeur up in a hotel and feed him and you've got transportation, recreation, relaxation covered for the duration of Coachella.

Eco-friendly attendees of Coachella also do not have to worry about harming Mother Nature - the Brilliant van is fuel efficient (runs on clean burning Diesel fuel and averages 20+ MPG) - especially considering the fact that you, along with 6-7 other friends, are traveling together, cutting down on more vehicles on the road and hence more pollution. You will also be making your own small contribution to reducing traffic on the road, benefiting other beleaguered Coachella drivers.   All your needs are covered with our door-to-door service. You’ll be picked up at your driveway, and dropped off right at Coachella, with your Brilliant Chauffeur ready to help, with our hourly/as-directed service. Who knows, with a Mercedes Sprinter Van, you may be very well mistaken for the band themselves as you roll up in style to Coachella. In fact, use a Brilliant Luxury Van to get to Coachella, and you will be getting there like the rockstar you are!

Brilliant operates the largest fleet of custom Mercedes Sprinter Vans, offering chauffeured service on both coasts. Contact us today for a qoute as we would love to introduce you to a brilliant way of travel.

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