The Cost of Limo Rental from Los Angeles to Disneyland

March 10, 2014

- Posted by Ryan Scott

Disneyland Los Angeles Limo Service

Disneyland is that magical place where Mickey comes to life, and you can actually hear the sound of Tinkerbell and her fellow pixies zooming overhead. The legendary theme park built by Walt Disney himself. Each and every year, thousands venture into Los Angeles to visit Disneyland and spend their vacation in a Magic Kingdom where dreams come true.

Getting to Disneyland from Downtown Los Angeles or LAX Airport can be a tough time, especially in the crazy LA traffic. For our clients, grabbing a taxi or black car service isn’t the best solution, especially when they’re traveling with a group of family members. It just doesn’t make sense to take multiple luxury sedans.

That’s why we’re approached often about the cost of a limo rental from Los Angeles to Disneyland. For our regular clients, we can answer that question easily with a flat rate of $450 in our flagship Brilliant Van. The price from LAX is similar in these “private jets on wheels.”

Cost of Limo Rental from LA to Disneyland

Our clients come to us when they want the ultimate travel experience, opting for our high-end, premium service over cheaper, budget limo companies. But we’re a great fit for less than half of the people that come to us seeking a limo service. Our premium price point isn’t in the budgets of a lot of travelers who are looking for an inexpensive limousine trip.

If you’re traveling with us, or if you’re looking for a cheaper option, the price of getting from LA to Disneyland in any kind of a limo can vary widely. For instance, a 4-door luxury sedan will cost less than a 12-passenger stretch limo for the same trip, and same time. And then there’s also the matter of time.

In LA, it’s difficult to always know exactly how long a trip will take due to the heavy traffic. A short drive can turn into a long commute if anything happens on the road like an accident or road construction. So going with a limo company billing you hourly doesn’t always mean you’ll save money. Sometimes, it’s safer to get a flat-rate, like we offer at Brilliant.

Going to Disneyland in a Brilliant Luxury Van

Our clients choose to travel with us when they want the most luxurious traveling experience, and the best, safest chauffeurs in the business.

Our luxury custom Mercedes Sprinters offer a ton of room to move around, and to kick back and relax. They are loaded with features like large screen televisions, DVD and Apple TV functionality, as well as 185 channels of DirectTV and a mini fridge stocked with beverages.

Our flagship Brilliant Van is arranged with four captain seats facing each other, and a ton of connectivity and entertainment technology. To get from LA to Disneyland in the Brilliant Van is a flat rate of $450.

If you have a larger group of 7 to 14 passengers, we also have Mercedes Sprinters that can carry 14 passengers in comfort. While not as amazing as the custom conversion of the Brilliant van, it’s still a premium ride for a group at $330 for the LA to Disney trip.

The Best Price for Your Disneyland Trip

Like we’ve said before; we’re not a great fit for more than half of the people who approach us for limo service. Our premium price point and level of service isn’t a sensible choice to travelers who are budget conscious.

We would love to take you and your family to Disneyland from anywhere, especially if you’re in the LA area. And if you’re interested on getting a custom quote from your destination to Disneyland, you can get a quote online.

However, if you’re like a lot of travelers that are looking to splurge on a limousine, but are looking for cheaper options, there are a lot of quality limo companies with lower price points in the LA area like Empire CLS and Music Limo. We hope you can choose to go with Brilliant, but if your needs match another limousine service better than it matches with us, we totally understand.

In the end, the most important thing is to let your imaginations and stress go, as you enter the magical world of Disneyland.

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