Fancy Hands: As-Needed Personal Assistance

April 02, 2012

- Posted by Richard Fertig


When Fancy Hands founder Ted Roden found that life's bigger, consuming priorities (job, newborn, other job...) were making the obligatory minutia of everyday life seem unmanageable, a re-evaluation of how personal assistants should work was in order. It didn't take long for an initially self-serving platform to become an indispensable aspect to scores of others in need of some practical scheduling relief.

Available on a monthly subscription basis, Fancy Hands assistants deal with everything from phone calls and emailing, to proofreading and research. It’s as easy as emailing the task to the Fancy team, then waiting for a real live person to report back to you on the details of its completion.

If rave reviews of the service to date are not enough, expect two new features to roll out this year, including the ability for FH to handle payments on your behalf, and a corporate price plan for companies who want assistants available to its employees during business hours.

Aside from finessing your fantasy baseball league picks (yes, really!), here are some examples of how you can have Fancy Hands lend a hand:


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