Focus on Audio: OneSense Headphones

April 06, 2012

- Posted by Richard Fertig


Designed by Joe Doucet and scheduled for exhibit at the Meet My Project event in Milan, Italy, April 17-21, OneSense headphones cover eyes and ears for a focus on audio. Listeners can zero in on the (heightened) sound at hand, while passers-by take the bright red spiky cue not to interrupt your flow.

Explains Doucet, “In an age where technology allows for a constant bombardment on our senses, where tablet computers and smartphones mean we are reachable 24/7, One Sense symbolises the human need for periods of peace and tranquility. One Sense not only obscures environmental sight and sound from encroaching on the wearer, but utilises the color red and a display of spikes, drawn from nature’s symbols for warning and defence, to alert others not to intrude.”


[via Mashable]

Topics: Technology

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