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May 13, 2015

- Posted by Stephen Chapek

Limo Service From Boston to NYC

Although there are plenty of good public transportation links between Boston and New York City on shuttle flights or Amtrak, you may not be keen on sharing your journey with hundreds of fellow travelers. You may even have the means to charter a private flight, but don't want to deal with delays/weather. 

So traveling by private luxury van could offer you the best value for your money in terms of privacy, flexibility and cost. Brilliant Transportation specializes in and has pioneered the custom chauffeured luxury van.

With Boston to New York being a major transportation corridor, Brilliant's Boston limo service offers the convenience of flat pricing or transfer rates between the two cities. Traveling in one of our signature custom luxury vans, the Brilliant Van, your cost to use an exclusive private office space or lounge on wheels is $1,800.

Limo Boston to NYC


Picture this:

  • It’s Monday morning and you’re ready to spend a productive week in New York City with your work colleagues or clients, taking meeting and racking up deals.

  • You open the front door and in your driveway is a custom Mercedes Sprinter Van, accompanied by a Brilliant chauffeur.

  • He takes you bags and you step into your private office on wheels.

  • Your co-workers/clients are already on board and hand you a fresh bagel with lox and hot coffee, thanks to Brilliant’s on board catering.

  • You recline in a luxurious captain’s chair, stir your coffee, turn on CNBC to check the market and log on to the on board WiFi to fine tune your upcoming presentation.

  • You are getting so much work done, even while enjoying the view out the window, so that before you know it, you’ve already arrived in NYC.

  • The chauffeur unloads your luggage, bringing it to the bell hop and says with smile, see you on Friday afternoon for your return back to Beantown.

Does this sound like your ideal work flow? Well, then you’d be joining thousands of other loyal clients of Brilliant Transportation who have discovered a better way to travel and get work done at the same time.


When you’re ready to book your next chauffeured ride to business success, then we would be pleased to give you a custom quote to New York City or back to Boston right now. Simply give us a call at 800-543-1001 or fill out the quote form. We look forward to traveling with you soon!

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