Luxury Transportation Service to Boston


Imagine this:


You're getting ready to travel into Boston from NYC. Typically, you'd be heading to Penn Station and catching the Amtrak right now.


However, today you're trying a new way of travel. 


You walk out of your front door to be greeted by a Brilliant chauffeur welcoming you into a mobile office/living room.


Immediately, you pull out your stowaway desk and start going over the agenda for the day. Also, you flip on the HDTV to listen to the news in the background. 


The ride has been so comfortable that before you know it, you're arriving in Boston.


After lunch and a few meetings your driver is there to greet you yet again, and you travel back to NYC.


It's been a long day, so you decide to close your privacy shades and rest comfortabily on the trip home. 




This is a key example of how Brilliant changed the way executives and others travel from NYC to Boston. With Brilliant, you no longer have to deal with Penn Station, Amtrak, and fixed schedules to determine your travels. Your experience is completely customized to your needs.

So let the good times begin from the moment you leave your doorstep by chartering a custom luxury van with Brilliant. To learn more about how we will provide the experience you're looking for please speak with one of our transportation specialists today.
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