How Much Luggage Will Fit Inside a Luxury Sprinter Van? [VIDEO]

January 28, 2015

- Posted by Charles Hurley


A few weeks ago one of my colleagues, Melissa Groneveldt noted that the first thing prospective clients ask on the phone is if their luggage will fit in our vans. She thought it would be helpful to provide everyone with a video to visually show the difference between each of the trunk capacities - great idea!

So we spent one afternoon filming our Regional Director of Business Operations, Alex Naderi while he demonstrated the trunk capacities of our different Sprinter Van configurations. The result will definitely serve as an aid in your buying process. If you have any other questions about the rest of our vehicles, you can download our free vehicle guide or simply call one of our reservation specialists now.


Luggage Capacity Video



Brilliant Sprinter Vans


The Luxury Van

  Brilliant Van Trunk on Make A Gif

This is our flagship Mercedes Sprinter limousine and what clients consider, a mobile living room. As such, you can consider the trunk your personal closet for the trip. Clients love using this van as an alternative to flying long distance because of the comfortability and to avoid the hassle of airport security.  


Luggage Capacity: 20-25 average suitcases 

Seats up to 7 passengers






Suggested Uses:



The Corporate Van

  Corporate Van Trunk on Make A Gif

When our clients travel in a large group - this is their go-to Mercedes Sprinter Limousine. The ample trunk space allows you to travel with anything from large suitcases to ski/snowboard equipment. As such, one of our most popular routes with this van is from NYC to Stratton Mountain


Luggage Capacity: 15-20 average suitcases 

Seats up to 13 passengers




Suggested Uses:


  • Family Travel
  • Long and normal distance travel
  • Corporate Travel
  • Entertaining clients
  • Weddings
  • Events


14 Passenger Sprinter Van

   14 Pax Trunk on Make A Gif


While this is the most basic Sprinter configuration we offer, it provides a great way for a large group to travel comfortably, and arrive in style. It also allows the most luggage space. However, there is no partition in the back so you will see your luggage while inside the vehicle. 


Luggage Capacity: 25-30 average suitcases

Seats up to 14 passengers





Suggested Uses:

  • Weddings
  • Events
  • Shuttle
  • Short distance travel
  • Van Service NYC, LA, DC, and Boston



The Executive Van

   Executive Van Trunk on Make A Gif

Created so each passenger can have their own individual captain's chair, the Executive Van is a premium way to travel long distances. One client traveled in this van from NYC to LA while shooting a commercial showcasing their new cell phone's ultra long battery life.  

With that being said, this Sprinter configuration offers the least amount of luggage space in our current fleet. Clients still choose to travel in this van for it's immense comfortability and usually have us arrange a cargo van if need be. It


Luggage Capacity: 1-4 average suitcases

Seats up to 9 passengers




Suggested Uses:



Wondering how much luggage fits in our minibuses?

Learn more about our luxury minibus configurations by downloading our free vehicle guide below. 

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