Important Winter Storm Hercules Update

January 03, 2014

- Posted by Ryan Scott


The mega-snowstorm Hercules that's been dumping snow on Chicago and Detroit has turned its attention to New York and Boston. With the low temperatures the snow is dry and powdery and, with high winds, blizzard conditions are expected in the New York region with 12-19 inches expected in the Boston area.

Conditions are bad, and will deteriorate throughout the night and into Friday as some are calling this years storm Snopocalypse 2014. Driving in these conditions is very dangerous so caution is merited.  

Brilliant Snowstorm Tansportation

article-2532566-1A632D6700000578-315_634x479We're rushing to meet our clients demands during the snowstorm. Our 36 passenger minibus is on its way to Boston and we have SUVs in the Catskills making sure clients make it home safe in the wintery conditions.

Brilliant is also assisting the utility companies as we did following Hurricane Sandy. We will be providing them assistance throughout the snowstorm and during power restoration efforts.

If you are commuting and need the safest transportation to and from your location give us a call at 800-543-1001. We'll get you there safe in spite of the storm, allowing you to relax while our expert drivers navigate the frozen streets. It's highly recommended over trying to drive yourself and getting stuck in sub-freezing temperatures.

If You Drive Yourself

If you decide to drive anywhere please remember to take some emergency supplied just in case. Take some blankets, water, and wireless radios if you have access to them. Flares and flashlights are also a smart choice to take along with you.


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