The Best Way To Transport a Board of Directors

December 18, 2013

- Posted by Richard Fertig


As a board member, you know that your time is short. You also know that you have to get from Point A to Point B. How can you combine both at the same time? You have a few choices. 

First, you could always do the old “have your cell phone on speakerphone.” At the same time, this is not the best strategy, as your colleagues are all packed into multiple taxis, distributed all throughout NYC - you have no idea where everyone is.  The Brilliant Mercedes Vans are the perfect solution to thee issues, for these simple reasons:

Transportation for Board of Directors

1. Consolidation (Everyone is in the same van).

In the Brilliant Executive Van, you are able to keep everyone in the same van, not having to worry about summoning multiple taxis, or coordinating a complicated transportation plan on a spreadsheet. Instead, keep it simple with Brilliant. Keep everyone in one van, where they are able to work together for a common goal. In fact, while on board, they will be able to stay productive, and have a good time.

2. Productivity. 

9-pass-imageThe Brilliant Vans offer many ways where one can enhance productivity, the least of which is having everyone in the same van physically. You will be able to cultivate connections with everyone through working in the vans, and you will be one step closer to closing deals. How?

The amenities of the Brilliant Sprinter Van, ranging from the onboard WiFi, two TV’s where you will be able to upload and see presentations, to the walk-in closet in the rear of your van to stow your gear; the Brilliant Vans offer something for every executive on board - up to 9 of them to be exact with their Brilliant Chauffeur. 

3. Eye Contact.

The power of eye contact can pay large dividends. With this, you will be able to close more deals and create deeper connections, through the power of eye contact. Studies show how powerful eye contact can be - the orientation of the seats on the Brilliant Van ensures that you will be able to face your colleagues directly in the eye, versus awkwardly having to turn around in your seat to see them. 

Brilliant Luxury Van

4. Privacy.

Onboard the van, you are able to work on things while enjoying privacy as well. Our Sprinters have retractable blinds onboard, which compliment the tinted windows. Additionally, the sliding partitions with an intercom ensure that you will be able to close off the Chauffeur’s cabin and enjoy privacy in your own boardroom on wheels.

5. Comfort.

Our custom Sprinters also offer a great deal of comfort. The leather captain’s chairs ensure that you will stay relaxed onboard, having mechanical recline ability and and retractable leg rests. Additionally, the back seat folds into a bed, where you can rest as well. 

These reasons cement the benefits of using the Brilliant Mercedes Van. With these five benefits, there is no debate. The Brilliant Vans are the best way to transport a Board of Directors, especially when traveling throughout a region, such as the Eastern Seaboard. Productivity is key, and you will be able to maximize it the most, while onboard the Brilliant Sprinter Van. 

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