The Plaza Hotel: Gehry x La Palestra

July 24, 2012

- Posted by Richard Fertig


The Plaza Hotel has opened its very own Frank Gehry-designed La Palestra, offering gym access and training services to guests in a space clearly planned and executed with efficiency in mind. 

La Palestra, known for their emphasis on integrating fitness and health, spares nothing of their concept in the basement level gym -- the main floor is outfitted with medical exam rooms, treadmills, dumbbell racks, and ropes hanging above activity mats. Behind the scenes, skip the locker room altogether -- individual restrooms combine private showers and personal wardrobe/dressing areas in a genius bid for saving space and creating privacy. La Palestra patrons can take it one step further -- there's a members-only gym below the main space, accessible via the signature Gehry staircase, this one constructed of cool white steel.





[via Cool Hunting]

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