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Revolutionary Transportation

Having created a superior mobile environment adaptable for both personal and corporate use, we count the most influential people in the world as loyal clients, offering each the uninterrupted time and personalized experience that is often lost in transit.

You tell us where and when you’re going, and we get you there, affording you the time in between to regain your sense of self, of travel, and of connectedness to your lifestyle.

With Private Motoring®, the difference is brilliant.

Superior Travel

Would you rather plan your trip around hard schedules and fixed locations like airports, helipads or train stations, or simply take a direct route from your door to destination at the time of your choosing?

Brilliant eliminates the hassle of complicated multi-mode transportation scheduling and offers a single mobile space.

Imagine the forecast that every traveler wants: no delays or cancellations. Staying on the ground also means a superior relationship with the weather.

Professional Chauffeurs

Brilliant standards demand only the brightest, most capable and well-mannered chauffeurs.

Be it a day trip, longer tour, or overnight stay, our clients rest assured that for the duration of their travel experience, they’re accompanied by an extensively trained professional, thoroughly versed in safety, driving and hospitality.


The Brilliant Van's interior offers the advantage of four plush leather captain’s chairs in a two facing two configuration, allowing invaluable group interaction. Imagine the ability to sit across from one another, eye-to-eye and uninterrupted, while in-transit.

Travelling alone? With every connective technology at your disposal, it will never feel that way again. Bring the meetings to you via our comprehensive array of digital and wireless communication devices.


Our mobile environment is designed to adapt. Experience the comfort and privacy of your own boardroom or living room.

Whether you want to dim the lights and pop some bubbly, flatten the bench seat and relax to your favorite XM radio station, or gather your family around everyone’s favorite movie, the Brilliant Van has what it takes to create that moment.


Remember the last time you and a group of clients or colleagues had to split into multiple vehicles to make it to your next meeting? Now imagine that time spent together, finalizing a strategy, inking a deal, or reviewing a presentation.

Brilliant knows every minute counts in business, so we’ve brought every aspect of the boardroom along for your ride.